Wherever you are living in Surrey, Skip HIre Near Me offers the best Skip Hire Surrey services for sure. Skip Hire Surrey‘s colossal range of waste management services from Man &Van to Mini, Midi, Builder, Maxi, and Roll-on Roll-off, skip sizes are ideal for discarding a considerable amount of unwanted waste at affordable prices.

Our time saving low-priced skip hire service is available everywhere, whether you are living in Surrey or its surrounding areas, our service is open all over the United Kingdom. Skip Hire Near Me provides all the facilities like on-time delivery, best quality, discounts on all skips, eco-friendly products, and 24/7 customer care support to its valued customers.

Skip Hire Surrey


For a problem-free, affordable, reliable, and durable skip hire for your home makeover, contact Skip Hire Near Me. Here, we are offering the best quality skip that is cheap and convenient to use. Our warm and qualified staff makes sure to deliver the skip right on time to clear your site.


Skip Hire Surrey is open-topped rubbish or products holding containers, accessible in different categories depending upon the measurements, dimensions, and sizes. After that, Skip hire is so convenient to use for the elimination of unwanted waste. Besides, it is an effective way of managing domestic and industrial projects.


Our Man & Van is available 24/7 to supply skip of every measurement according to your precise needs. Similarly, Our warm and friendly staff makes sure to load and deliver your stuff safe and sound right on time. We aim to provide services that are suitable for small, partial, and bulky items.


In the first place, our rubbish removal is famous all over the UK due to its fast service. We offer home and entrepreneur fast service at competitive prices for their satisfaction. Our dumping and rubbish removal service includes large amounts of waste removal from their property like construction sites, homeowners, and businesses.


Speaking of the skip hire sizes, always consider a few facts before purchasing any skip hire. We’ve categorized skips into various sizes, shapes, measurements, and dimensions. For our valuable clients, we have come up with all skip hire sizes. It helps you to choose the best size skip for your site clearance.


As the name suggests, Mini Skip Hire Surrey includes both the skips of smaller size, like 2-yard and 3-yard skip. Domestic clients hire a mini skip for small projects like household waste, garden clearance, and kitchen refits. Usually, the builders employed a mini skip as a secondary backup in the construction area.


At Skip Hire Near Me, we realize that the quality of the skip is most important. Midi Skip Hire Surrey is slightly larger than the mini skips, ranges from 4-yards to 5-yards in volume. Domestic projects like household waste and garden waste can also benefit from midi skip sizes.


Builder skip offers different sizes; 6-8 yard skips are among the most famous and frequently purchased skips in our list. These skips are the outstanding choice of builder contractors since it is a heavy-duty skip, an ideal choice for commercial and household clients for office and home renovation projects.


Maxi Skip Hire Surrey are famous skips because they are large-sized skips perfect for industrial, domestic, and commercial projects. Available in five different sizes, these skips are popular for large scale garden clear out, home renovation, and commercial waste elimination projects. Skip Hire Near Me offers the best quality maxi skip.


Being the largest skip, RORO Skip Hire Surrey is an environmental-friendly solution for managing long-term projects like construction and demolition projects. RORO has significant benefits over the average skips. It is convenient for discarding and storing a considerable amount of garbage efficiently. Additionally, it is suitable for shipping lightweight and cumbersome materials.


MINI SKIP 2 YARD SKIP 4' feet wide x 3' feet height x 5' feet long
MINI SKIP 3 YARD SKIP 3'6" feet wide x 2'8" feet height x 5'5" feet long
MIDI SKIP 4 YARD SKIP 4'3" feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 6 feet long
MIDI SKIP 5 YARD SKIP 4 feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 8 feet long
BUILDER SKIP 6 YARD SKIP 4'3" feet wide x 3'2" feet height x 6 feet long
BUILDER SKIP 8 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 4 feet height x 11'4" feet long
MAXI SKIP 10 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 4'9" feet height x 10 feet long
MAXI SKIP 12 YARD SKIP 6'5" feet wide x 6'5"feet height x 13' feet long
MAXI SKIP 14 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 5'9" feet height x 13'4" feet long
MAXI SKIP 16 YARD SKIP 5'7" feet wide x 6'5" feet height x 14'1" feet long
MAXI SKIP 18 YARD SKIP 6'4" feet wide x 6'9" feet height x 13'4" feet long
RORO SKIP 20 YARD SKIP 7'3" feet wide x 5'3" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 25 YARD SKIP 8 feet wide x 4'9" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 30 YARD SKIP 8 feet wide x 6'4" feet height x 20 feet long
RORO SKIP 40 YARD SKIP 7'3" feet wide x 8'8" feet height x 19'9" feet long


Skip Hire Near Me is famous all over the UK for its cheap skip hire services and best quality product. We offer discounts on all available skip sizes, and our prices are also as low as you can imagine.

2 Yard Skip

A 2-yard skip is the smallest skip convenient for small projects like small garden cleanups.

3 Yard Skip

3-yard skip is an ideal solution for a multi-purpose clear-out of small household & commercial projects.

4 Yard Skip

Our 4-yard skip is a fast, durable, convenient, and affordable skip for small domestic clearances.

5 Yard Skip

This skip is an energy and money-saving option to eliminate a considerable amount of refuse.

6 Yard Skip

This 6-yard skip has enough space to accommodate 12 wheelie bins or 60-70 bin bags.

8 Yard Skip

This ordinary mega skip is commonly used for bulky yet lightweight garbage like commercial refits.

10 Yard Skip

A 10-yard skip has standard dimensions to collect up to 110 bin bags of rubbish material.

12 Yard Skip

Our 12-yard jumbo skip has enough space to accommodate a massive amount of industrial garbage.

14 Yard Skip

We provide the exceptional quality 14-yard skip, an excellent solution to dump garage & attic clearances.

16 Yard Skip

16-yard is perfect if you have a substantial amount of shop-fitting and construction site waste.

18 Yard Skip

18-yard skips are large and can hold a substantial amount of garbage of 200 bags.

20 Yard Skip

The 20 yard is the most modest Roll-on Roll-off skip that regularly accommodates 220-230 bin bags.

25 Yard Skip

A typical 25-yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is perfect for commercial projects that produce heavy-duty waste.

30 Yard Skip

It is the second-largest RORO skip, commonly used to throw away construction sites' bulky items.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard skip is the largest bin; It’s the best quality and reliable multifunctional waste container.


Yes, certain perilous things can't be placed into a skip, as they can pose a threat to you or the individuals who handle the contents of your skip when it's purged. These restricted things include:


   1- Electrical waste

   2- Fluorescent and gas cylinders

   3- Clinical waste

   4- Batteries

   5- Tyres

   6- Hazardous materials like asbestos or chemicals

You can keep your skip as long as you need; however, our standard hire period is 14 days. On the off chance, if you want the skip for longer, we can extend the hire period on your request.

Although we can settle skips into small spaces, we still require at least a 3m driveway for the skip lorry to deliver the skip safely, without posing any harm.

For safe transport, Skips should be level stacked so we can transport your waste securely, and the skip's contents should not be higher than the edges of the skip.

If you intend to site your skip in the public property, you should buy a skip license from the local authority before placing the skip. As a feature of our services, we will get a permit for you on demand.

Fill your skips up to the marked red lines along the edges to comply with the skip transport regulations. Do not overload the skip to ensure safe transport. Otherwise, we may request to remove the extra contents to make the process smooth.

A skip license is required from the local council to place your skip on a public roadway. We can arrange the skip permits for you within four working days. For further queries, feel free to get in touch with our team.

We are offering quick deliveries and collections. We can process your requests within 24-hours.

It depends on the size of skip you choose and the type of waste you will put into it. If you are uncertain about it, we provide a complete guide to our clients to select the right skip size to match their needs.

We are providing the most cost-effective waste regulation solutions across Surrey. However, the skip cost mainly depends on the size and type of the skip you choose, and sometimes location also impacts the prices.

You can pay with cash or checks to our drivers at the spot or can likewise pay through your card or bank account. For any further information, reach out to our team. We are 24/7 available to our clients.

The specific period is 14 days. However, You can keep your skip as long as you require. If you want the skip for a more drawn out timeframe, we will make an honest effort to organise an extension for you.

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I had once ordered a skip hire from Skip Hire Near Me for my garden clearances. It was a great experience. The quality of the skip was extraordinary. It arrived before the expected delivery days. The size of the skip is perfect to be placed in the house. I would recommend this to my family.
One of my friends recommended Skip Hire Near Me, and I ordered a skip from here. I contacted them for further details. Their friendly staff helped me in choosing the best skip for my construction site waste. 20-yard skips offer enough space for my demolition project. Thank you Skip Hire Near Me!
If I could give this mini skip 6-stars, I would have. I love its quality and size. I had ordered it for a small home renovation from Skip Hire Near Me. Their prices are exceptionally low as compared to the other skip supplier in Surrey. Speaking of the delivery service, they offered free delivery.