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Fast and on-time waste disposal is essential, which if delayed, may cause health and environmental problems. For throwing away your home garbage, or disposing of an excessive amount of saturated and concentrated industrial waste; Skip Hire Near Me offers Skip Hire St Helens, a top-class waste management solution to its clients.

We make your waste disposal and house cleaning a very smooth and hassle-free process by offering rubbish removal, our Man & van service and the best of the all Skip hire services to throw away all the unwanted waste. We have a waste disposal solution for all categories and types of trash at the lowest prices.



Skip hire Near me meets its customer’s expectations and provides the most trusted and authentic skip hire and other waste management solutions. We are a registered company, continually improving ourselves to facilitate our clients with the best of the best. Our prices, quality of service, and various waste disposing options make us the best in town.


We provide our customers with a skip hire facility to get rid of all the unwanted waste, very quickly. As the world is rapidly changing and everything is becoming very fast and more technology-oriented, skips are the most latest and fastest way to very conveniently throw away all the waste.


Every customer has different needs from others, and we cover all the domains and types of technologies to facilitate our customers with best as per their requirements. Our Professional man & van facility is a great substitute to skip hire for effective waste disposal when there’s no room to place a skip.


To discard large or small amounts of accumulated waste, we come up with very convenient and economical rubbish removal solutions.  We tend to customize our services and provide a rubbish removal solution, which is the best fit for domestic and commercial customers who can’t hire skips due to any reason.


Skip Hire Near Me provides a diverse range of skip sizes, to occupy all sizes and types of waste for disposal purpose. Our MINI to RORO, all skip sizes are designed to have the maximum durability and are voluminous enough to carry a considerable amount of waste as per the skip size waste guidelines.


Smallest in size but spacious enough to carry 20 to 40 rubbish bags inside them for throwing away waste. Comes in 2 and 3-yard dimensions, are most popular in household and residential cleaning.  They are very low-cost skips due to their size and are very handy to use.


With more significant dimensions than mini skips, midi skips come in 4 and 5 cubic yard sizes. These skips are very compact in their design, with a waste loading capacity of around 60 black bin bags. Perfect choice for home refurbishment or office’s small scale renovation projects.


Builder skips are specially designed for construction projects heavy and injurious waste disposal. Two available sizes are 6-yard and 8-yard builder skips. These skips remove building sites waste very comfortably and eliminate accidents resulting from hazardous building waste. Builders can discard around 100 rubbish bags using builder skips.


You can hire maxi Skip Hire St Helens for enormous amounts of industrial, commercial or domestic waste disposal. We have a versatile range of five different maxi sizes, to occupy maximum waste. 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 cubic yard are the Maxi skip sizes.


Roll on Roll off skips are Mammoth containers, with unbelievably large size and waste disposing capacity. RORO skips dispose of waste from extra large and bulky waste-producing industrial project sites. Can discard around 440 rubbish bags, comes in 20, 25, 30 and 40-yard sizes.


Prices are not a thing you should be concerned about while hiring from Skip hire near me. We offer very low and affordable skip prices, no matter what the location of skip hire is.

2 Yard Skip

2-yard small size container, perfect for residential waste disposal of up to 30 rubbish bags.

3 Yard Skip

A 3-yard skip can discard 3.5 to 4 tons of domestic and household waste. We provides you cheap skip Uk.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard midi dumpster is beneficial in the small scale construction waste management.

5 Yard Skip

This skip size can carry 60 rubbish bags from DIY projects or mediocre-level renovation projects.

6 Yard Skip

A popular size for building and construction waste removal, with its highly long-lasting features.

8 Yard Skip

For discarding around 100 bulky and hazardous construction site waste, hire 8-yard Builder skip.

10 Yard Skip

A 10-yard skip can eliminate a large amount of lightweight waste from commercial sites.

12 Yard Skip

This Maxi skip size is very suitable for throwing away waste from large-scale demolishing projects.

14 Yard Skip

For heavy and bulky large scale accumulated waste disposal from industrial sites hire this size.

16 Yard Skip

With a capacity to carry around 180 clutter bags, utilize it for industrial waste management.

18 Yard Skip

This skip size can accommodate a massive amount of debris and manage it quickly.

20 Yard Skip

For large scale waste removal without multiple skip loading, 20-yard skip is the ideal choice.

25 Yard Skip

Huge in size, and can carry almost all types and kinds of waste inside the skip.

30 Yard Skip

When there are piles & heaps of waste, a 30-yard skip is here to throw away.

40 Yard Skip

It is the largest skip size countrywide, with dimensions to carry 440 rubbish bin bags.

Our Happy Clients

Skip Hire Near Me, are highly expert and are invariably on time. They deliver skips precisely on the scheduled time and handle all the waste without causing any disturbance or disruption in your residency, very quickly. "
Mariya Jason
" I hired a 5-yard skip size from Skip Hire Near Me, for my office cleaning. The skip delivery, waste loading and skip collection were done very rapidly and without creating any mess. "
Lucas Brad
" Booked the skip hire service through their website. It was effortless to book, and all the things were mentioned there with each skip size guidelines."
Jeffery Will