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You are looking for cleaning services for your house or company Skip Hire Near Me  has been delivering cleaning services for quite some time in the United Kingdom, with the motto of 100% satisfying their customers.

Even if you are in desperate need of cleaning assistance, such as a Skip Hire County Antrim, the company operates on a 24-hour basis to facilitate its customers. Furthermore, the company also promises its consumers that they will rarely face punctuality issues. It has been in the market for a long time and manages to provide skip hire services at competitive and low prices.

Skip Hire County Antrim


Customers are pleased by Skip Hire Near Me as its aim is always to satisfy customer wants and needs. They strive to be punctual in waste removal, drop off skip hires, charge reasonable prices, and listen to customer queries. If you need skip hires in, you must contact them to provide one of the best service


Suppose you are a resident, work in a construction company, or a commercial ind ustryand you need an effective way of disposing of your waste. One of the most practical means to solve the debris problem is the County Antrim Skip Hire with Skip Hire Near Me. Skip is like an open-topped box which you can rent for some time, to dump your waste, while the cleaning takes place. 


When you order a skip hire, there is a specific time you rent it for. When your clearing work is complete, the van comes, place the skip on the truck and the next process will be to recycle the waste to treat it properly or dump it in the landfill accordingly. 


Skip hire is crucial for various reasons; therefore, it also comes in multiple sizes to meet the needs. It comes in 2, 3, 4 and 5 yards for small cleanings. They come in 6, 8, 10 and 12 yard sizes for construction purposes. 14, 16, 18 and 20 yards for big construction projects. 25,30 and 40 yards are for commercial industries. 

Mini skip are the smallest in skip hire sizes. 2 and 3 yard skips fall under this group, mostly used for small house renovation purposes or time to time cleaning. 

4 and 5 yard skip hires fall under the category of Midi skip. These are a little bigger than mini skips and can be used for garden cleaning and disposing of daily use items in the house. 

As the name suggests, builder skip hire County Antrim is the category for construction companies or building purposes. The waste from small construction sites can fit in these skips as their sizes are 6 and 8 yards. 

Maxi skip hire County Antrim has bigger sizes in this category. You can find 10 to 18 yard skips in this category and these skips are for large construction projects that need extensive waste and rubbish removal. 

The RORO stands for roll-on, roll-off. Above all, The RORO skip are the largest and the last sizes of skip hires. 20 to 40 yard skips are in this category and these skips are mostly for substantial commercial projects or industries that require disposing of industrial waste. 


The company delivers and rents out skip hire in County Antrim at a low and competitive rate to stay head to head with competition and preserve nature. 

2 Yard Skip

It can hold up to 20-30 bin bags and are a good fit for small renovations and house cleaning.

3 Yard Skip

These skips have the capacity of 30-40 bin bags and are best for seasonal cleaning.

4 Yard Skip

4 Yard Skip, these skips can hold 40-50 bin bags and they serve the purpose of garden cleaning.

5 Yard Skip

Household items can be disposed of with this skip’s help and can fit 50-60 bin bags.

6 Yard Skip

These skips are hired for more significant house renovations, with a capacity of 60-70 bin bags.

8 Yard Skip

It has a range of holding 80-90 bags and is used for small construction projects.

skip sizes

10 Yard Skip

10 yard skips are more than enough for small residential and commercial projects, with a maximum range of 100-110 bags.

12 Yard Skip

12 yard skips can be kept in a large residential community or for mediocre construction. It can hold 120-130 bags.

14 Yard Skip

14 Yard Skip dimensions can fit in 140-150 bags and they also can be useful for residential societies and streets.

16 Yard Skip

This size can hold 170-180 bin bags, and serve the purpose of enormous construction projects.

18 Yard Skip

18 yard skips have a capacity of 190-200 bags and are also best for substantial construction projects.

20 Yard Skip

Industrial or construction companies rent such big sizes as they can hold 200-210 bags.

25 Yard Skip

This type of skip is suitable for the large commercial and industrial projects.

30 Yard Skip

Large industries need these size skips as they can hold 330-340 bags.

40 Yard Skip

Huge manufacturing companies would need this big skip hire to eliminate industrial waste

Our Happy Clients

I had never used a skip hire before and I had to ask the company about the details. The person on the phone was extremely polite and answered all my questions. Their customer service and timeliness are the reasons why I will recommend them
Maria Gr
The prices of renting the skip hire container were pretty low as correlated to distinct companies. The driver was very cautious while placing the skip hire, being careful of not damaging any property.
Phil Oklain
There was renewal going on in my ancestry and I required a 5-yard skip hire. I went with the company’s suggestion and the size was perfect. They were completely aware of the time of unloading and picking up the vessel. I will definitely, contact them again.