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Skip Sizes UK Dimensions & Weight Capacity Guide 2021


We are offering all skip sizes across the UK. All the skip sizes have different dimensions, shapes and usage. We have updated complete guide to choose the best and suitable skip at lowest price. Hurry Up! Get £20 discount instantly on all skip sizes.


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For deciding the best skip sizes, first take a look at your waste produced. One thing needs to be sure that not all the stuff is thrown in the skip. Chemically hazardous or electrically dangerous materials need not be thrown in the skip container. E.g asbestos needs special treatment before its disposal. For its disposal, other means are used which can be known by the council. Old furniture or timber like stuff is recycled. Once the waste amount is determined it's very easy to choose the skip size.

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Mini skips are the smallest skips that can easily carry from one to another place. Mini Skips comes in two different sizes in the UK, 2 yard skip & 3 yard skip. It’s very famous for domestic use because mini skips can place homes or any small place and mini skips are very cheap. Mini skips can hold a small amount of trash.

Midi skips are also very popular in the UK, as showing by its name midi skips is middle-sized skips. Midi skips are between the smallest and largest skips. Midi skips come in two sizes, 4 yard skip & 5 yard skip. Midi skips are more substantial as compare to mini skips that is why midi skips can hold a moderate amount of trash.

Builder skips are very popular among builders in the UK. Builders Skip come in two sizes, 6 yard skip & 8 yard skip. Builder Skips can be used for both projects like commercial projects and domestic projects that is why these skips called builder skips. Builder skips are larger as compare to midi skip that is why builder skips can hold a large amount of trash.

Maxi skips are used for big projects and maxi skips are larger than builder skips. Maxi skips come in five different sizes in the UK, 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip and 18 Yard Skip. As maxi skips are big so they used for bulky and heavy waste items.

Roll-on Roll-off skips are also called RORO skips and Roll-on Roll-off skips are the largest skips in the UK. RORO Skip comes in five different sizes, 20 Yard Skip25 Yard Skip30 Yard Skip, 35 Yard Skip and 40 Yard Skip. RORO Skips are the most popular skips to hold a huge amount of waste. 

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