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Are you looking for Rubbish Removal & Rubbish Collection Services? OR are you wondering to dispose of your junk easily and quickly in a convenient way? knows all the issues that clients have to face while hiring skip service but we made it easy for you to use our Man & Van Rubbish Removal or Rubbish Collection Service. You just need to enter your postcode, choose service type, check price and order instantly.


We are an independent man & van waste clearance company and our talented man with vans is always ready when you need us. Whatever debris you have in your property and you want to dispose of it, we are still here for you with vehicles that are suitable for your waste removal task. If you are stuck with bulky items like bed, sofas, mattress, armchair, dining tables, or anything too large for you to remove it, we will be there for you to help you. Skip Hire Near Me is a legal and registered rubbish removal providing company in all the top rated Rubbish Removal Services nearest to you in the United Kingdom. You can get your required rubbish removal service according to your budget. 

  • We provide man & van same day rubbish removal services equivalent to 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards skip size.
  • House or Garden Clearance
  • Loft Clearance
  • Clearance of any type or size of debris
  • Delivery in one day
  • Collection on the same day
  • 100% customer’s satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% money-back guarantee in case of any misleading
  • Available 24/7 including holidays
  • Cover all areas of the UK


Like garbage trucks, loaders, and vehicles, we provide different types of vans in various sizes. These vans are specially designed for collecting solid waste or other waste to transport it to a waste management facility. Anyone can hire our van & man services for their debris removal. Our vans are typically used transporting waste to recycling management. You can hire our vans according to your waste materials and their quantity. We have various van types in multiple sizes to put your waste materials in it and carry it easily. We provide Transit Van, Luton Van, and Tonner Van. These vans with our experienced crew did your jobs fast.


This van mostly used for carrying goods and belongings. Transit van is popular with delivery companies. Because this is cheap in price, compact in size, and easy to drive. This van has a sliding door at the side so that it can easily open and close. It has a rear door. This van does not have a tipping mechanism. Its sides are made up of metal. This van is also used for trading purposes. Transit van has the volume from 8 cubic yards to 14 cubic yards. So this van can easily carry eight tones of waste to 14 tonnes of waste in a convenient way.

Luton Van - Rubbish Removal Near Me


A Luton van has a large solid side box that is often made out of fiberglass to keep it light. This type of van provides you a lot of space to carry a vast amount or item. This van is mostly used by companies when people move homes. But this van is not suitable for heavy waste materials because the sides of this van are not so keen to carry heavy items. So its sides can be damaged by taking heavy stuff. The volume of Luton van can vary. We provide our Luton van with man to carry light-weighted items. So, it cannot be damaged by them.

Tonner Van - Rubbish Removal Near Me


This is the large volume van available by waste removal companies. It is the most famous van for bringing bulky waste. This van helps to reduce the time the crew needs to spend offloading waste items. This van is also easy to drive and carry items easily without facing any issue. The volume of this van is more significant than other campers. This van can bring ten tones to 20 tones of wasted materials. Most builders used this type of van for their builder waste removal projects. Many people know the significance of hiring man & van facility over hiring a skip due to its efficiency of doing work.


We are offering speedy, efficient, hassle-free, cost-effective, and reliable rubbish removal services that do it a more convenient service than hiring a skip.

1- Rubbish Removal

Whether it’s an office, a house, a building, a school or college construction site, or any property where a considerable amount of rubbish is produced. To remove all the waste, you just need to gather it to make it speedy to clear it. Our team is well experienced and come with appropriate equipment to dispose of all type of waste.

2- Garden Waste Removal

To make your garden free from trash, our garden waste removal service in the UK provides you with the best rubbish removal services. We provide midi skips with our experienced crew to make your garden debris free. That’s not all, with our affordable prices and free quotes, your satisfaction is duly guaranteed.

3- Office Clearance

Rubbish Removal help to clear small and large offices in the UK. Our well-trained office clearance team can remove everything you no longer wish to keep it. We explain your office and make it decent. Our office clearance service includes office furniture, desks, and filing cabinets clearance. It is easy to arrange and cost-effective service in London.

4- Loft Clearance

We are the loft clearance expert in the UK. Our clearance members of the team can perform a full loft clearance service in the UK and all its surrounding areas. We can remove all the materials you want to remove from your lofts such as furniture, carpets, electrical equipment, and clutter or junk. We provide the loft clearance service that suits you.

5- Junk Removal

We are confident with our junk removal services and we guarantee to beat any written estimate. For large junk removal, our experienced crew makes it easy for you to remove all your junk from your property. In the UK rubbish removal prices are better than as compare to others.  We remove all your unwanted waste materials.

6- Flat Clearance

Flat owners living in their flats or on high floors have to call removal services for their flat clearance. We can clear your wasted belongings. We can reduce your burden and make it very simple to remove your flat or to move your belongings from one place to another at the lowest prices ever.

7- House Clearance

For your house clearance, our service is one of the best services available in London and all its surrounding areas. We clear your house very carefully and make it more beautiful. We do dusting on your furniture and other items. We remove your home by washing it so that no dust will remain.

8- Garage Clearance

We are providing best and affordable garage clearance services in the UK. Our team is trained garage clearance operatives that have skills and exceptional knowledge to clear your garage speedily and carefully. We provide garage clearance services that suit you and fulfill all your requirements. We offer the best affordable prices for garage clearance.

9- Furniture Disposal

We provide furniture disposal services in London. We dispose of all your wasted furniture like sofas, beds, wardrobes, showcases, dressing tables, dining tables, etc. Besides this, for your shifting program, we pack your furniture very carefully, that they don’t bear any scratch on them, and bring it to your new residential place.

10- Garden Clearance

To maintain a garden or to make it look more beautiful and attractive, garden clearance is most vital for it too. It keeps the yard neat from pests. Our professional crew possesses the proper equipment for garden clearance, removing bushes, trimming the spoiled leaves, and cutting the older trees. We are fair with our prices and give the best services.

11- Junk Disposal is the most experienced and professional service. Junk removal is essential to keep our environment neat and clean. So, we haul large items like furniture, debris, and pick up all kinds of waste from real estate cleanouts. With our service, you can expect the lowest rates, high-quality service in a simple process.

12- Builders Waste Removal

For the builder waste removal or any other constructional waste removal, we provide our services in London. Our highly experienced crew can remove all the builders to waste quickly. We can dispose of all heavy and bulky items like soil, rubble, concrete, timber, and all the debris from your property at the lowest prices as compared to others.

WHY Hire a Waste Removal Company?

Hiring the services from waste removal company not only clean and tidy houses but also reduces the hassles that are involved in any waste removal process. If you are busy enough in your office work, then it will be very challenging for you to take out time for waste removal. Also, junk removal is the hectic chores to deal with it. That’s not all. Handling the junk inappropriate way is also very hectic. Waste management is also an arduous task. Different types of waste require different types of waste management processes. Therefore, it is vital to hire services from the best waste removal company. We are the best waste management company in London. By utilizing assistance from a waste management company, you will find many benefits. Like it will be:

1- Convenience Factor

When you ask for a junk removal company, they will pick up all the waste and dispose of it. You don’t need to worry about removing piles of debris by yourself.

2- Safety and Health Factor

If you try to remove all your waste by yourself, it will be very hazardous for you according to the waste quantity. You may get cuts or bruises while clearing the debris. So, it will be better to leave this dangerous task to experts in this work.

3- Reliability

Waste management companies are reliable and expert. You can trust on them. They work very carefully.

4- Great Performance

Waste removal companies have great performances. They are efficient and determined in their work.

5- Vast Experienced Team

Skip Hire UK have a crew of experienced workers. They remove your waste in the best manners. Besides these benefits, our waste removal companies give;

  • Environment-Friendly Service
  • Aesthetics
  • Recycling
  • Cost-Effectiveness


Most Frequent Questions & Answers

For man & van rubbish clearance facility, labor is a significant factor for this. The service includes prices and labor for clearing the waste from any place and for loading it from anywhere. The prices may vary according to the van type and number of men you want to hire. One man and van price is different from 2 men & van or three men & van. If your waste is vast enough that will not be handled by one man, then you can order two men or more according to your requirements so that your work will finish on time.

Prices depend on the amount of waste removed or covered by the labor. It also depends on transport and disposal fees. The volume of waste is often measured in cubic yards or fractions of the van. If you are comparing the prices of services, note that the sizes of van are different according to the waste amount. Not always, a small van can carry your more massive waste in it. If you are hiring a smaller volume van for your vast amount of debris, it will cost you more than other bigger van. Because this van has to carry your more immense waste in 2 or 3 turns. Which will cost you more? So it is vital to choose a suitable van for your job so that it may cost you less.

Most often, your presence is not necessary while our team is collecting your waste. But if the amount of waste is more substantial or less than you said to us, then you have to be present there for the collection team members should let you know before collecting the waste and charge you according to the debris. We offer our customers the option of a refund if the project is more prominent than ordered before. You can also cancel the order if you want. So it will be better for you if you provide us an accurate volume of waste to prevent any misleading.

If the actual size of the collection is different from the sized, you have booked. Then you have to be present there on time so that our crew let you know the charges before collecting the waste. If the size is smaller than you have booked, then you will find less amount. If the size is larger than the reserved size, then our crew will credit you more because it will become difficult for them to carry your actual massive waste in the van they come with it. Otherwise, you have the right to cancel our service. So it will be better for you if you provide us an accurate volume of waste to prevent any misleading.

Usually, it is not a good idea to transport your wanted stuff from one place to another because the vans are mostly very dirty. To put your things in these vans can make your stuff dirty. Besides this, the crew which is used to move rubbish rather than valuable items is not good as they do not as much care of your useful things like a specialist waste removal company. Also, it depends on the firm. Because if they are prepared for moving the items or not. So it is better to hire a specialist waste management company for moving your stuff from one place to another location.

If your lawn can be very dirty by collecting the waste items, we suggest you receive your waste like soil or rubble in plastic bags, or you can pack them in packed to avoid messing up with your drive or lawn. We will give the space a thorough clean up before we leave so that to prevent the rubbish from messing up your garden. But it will be better if you store your rubble in rubble bags or stack it on a tarp. You can also use a groundsheet for this purpose; it will save you time and effort. And it will make it easy for you and for us too.

The man and van services must be registered with SEPA or Environment Agency to remove any type of waste from your place or property. Also, man & van sole trader must have a valid waste carrier license for this removal work. Otherwise, your waste removal work will become illegal. Without this license and registration, the waste removal company is unlicensed. And no one can take its responsibility.

The waste transfer note is the key to any waste removal purpose. This paperwork is the primary document for waste removal for recording the responsibility from one party to another party. We can say that it is necessary for waste collection from a domestic site, then any written form of confirmation is compulsory. If they are professional so they should provide waste transfer note (as a matter of course). If it does not happen, the alarm bell will start to ring! Then they have to pay fine or anything else according to the law.

The man & van waste removal service is the best way to remove all your home waste. Whether it is a small-sized waste or large sizes waste, man & van service is suitable for all bulky waste. In most cases, this service is cheaper than hiring a skip. So, you can just book, and all the trash will remove from your property. The main problem with man & van service is that it cannot handle a big amount of heavy and complicated waste like soil and bricks. In these cases, we recommend not to hire van & man service. Then you can order for a skip.

The bulky waste like furniture, beds, sofas, dining tables, showcases, wardrobes can be removed by man & van service. Other fat residues like mattresses, carpets can also be deleted by hiring this service. In simple words, we can say that all the bulky waste which is not hazardous for the van can be removed. But other bulky, which are also most heavy like soil, bricks cannot be removed. Because these types of waste can damage the van as some van types are not hard enough to carry such waste materials in it. You can just put light-weighted bulky waste in its vans.


Rubbish Removal Testimonial Women

Julie Ransom

Superb services! They are very efficient. Can’t ask better than that! I was very amazed that the individuals were so professional and they have removed the rubbish material without creating a hassle for us. Secondly, the prices are the same as they have mentioned. I consider their rubbish removal services at the top of the list.

Rubbish Removal Testimonial Men

Bill Steward

Skip Hire Near Me did what I’ve expected of them. Their communication was splendid. I was messed around by other rubbish removals companies, but, thank God, Finally found the best services near me. The price was stated as the staff were very polite and professional. I’ve experienced no surprises and would love to hire their rubbish removal services.


When you have a vast amount of rubbish in your property and don’t want to hire a skip for this. Then you just need to hire us. We provide the best man & van rubbish removal service in all over the UK.