RORO Skip Hire Near Me Prices & Sizes

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RORO stands for Roll-on Roll-off skips. Where a high volume of waste is produced, roll-on roll-off skips find their uses there. These skips are the highest capacity skips offered by skip hire industries in the UK. 


If you are willing to dispose of your massive waste from your commercial site or industrial area, then you will find RORO skips very convenient. They are perfect for all the heavy and bulky waste, which a regular skip cannot handle it. RORO skips are being spacious to being an affordable price to fulfill all the criteria for being an ideal skip. They can also be helpful to remove hazardous waste. They come in 4 different sizes, 20 yards, 25 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. Being suitable for bulky and heavy debris, they mostly used on construction sites.


RORO skips are tremendously significant, so they are widely used for a numerous amount of waste. That’s why they are perfectly suitable for commercial and industrial sectors to remove all the heavy and bulky trash. Being largest, they come in 4 sizes. All detailed information about their dimensions is given below.

20 Yard Skip

For a massive amount of waste on construction sites, 20 cubic yards skip is suitable to carry all the massive waste quickly. Our 20 cubic yards skips are larger skips than builder skips, but 20 cubic yards are the smallest RORO skip provided by skip hire companies in the United Kingdom. Our 20 cubic yards skips can carry a tremendous amount of trash. They are made up of high-quality material that can easily haul any garbage in it and transport it to the recycling center. They are great for anyone struggling to juggle, particularly massive waste. They are reserved for those jobs where a bulky waste needs to remove. They can handle approximately 200 black bag bins. They can also be used for all digging foundation jobs.

25 Yard Skip

 Our 25 cubic yards skips are more extensive than 20 cubic yards skip, and they are 2nd size available in RORO skips. They are large enough to handle any amount of waste efficiently and remove it quickly. For all large jobs that produce a considerable amount of trash, 25 cubic yards skips carry it and transport it to any waste management center. 25 yard skip is very popular because of it’s size. 25 cubic yard skip can hold massive amount of unwanted trash. You can put into it like metal, wood, rubble, organic waste, domestic waste, plastic, furniture, and many more easily and get rid of them. They can hold up to 275 waste bags in it. They are mostly used in industrial sectors.

30 Yard Skip

These 30 cubic yards skips are 3rd last largest size available in RORO skips. They are extra-large than 25 yards skip. Builders on their building sites mostly rent them. These skips are exceedingly utilized by the different vast amounts of waste removal sectors. As these skips are mostly hired by clients that use them on their construction areas, so a permit is required to hire a 30 cubic yards skips. These skips can be used for a variety of waste materials, metal, furniture, rubble, wood, domestic waste, digging the foundation’s trash, and also for all bulky waste. But they cannot be used for materials that include chemicals, tires, paints, bulbs, asbestos, and all other hazardous materials. Although these can be used for any trash but not for dangerous materials because those materials can be harmful to our skips. Our 30 cubic yards skips can carry almost 330 black bag bins.

40 Yard Skip

They are the largest skips offered by skip hire near you in the United Kingdom. These skips are extraordinarily large, widely used to handle a substantial amount of waste. These skips are mostly rented by customers who need to remove an enormous amount of waste. They are huge, can bring all bulky trash. You can also use these skips for transportation of your debris. These skips carry almost 440 black bag bins. They are the best solution to dispose of various construction waste; also, they take all the bulky waste.


Roll-on Roll-off is largest, hiring these skips required permits because these skips are mostly hired on commercial sectors. The cost of these skips depends on different factors such as geographical location, hiring period, the number of local providers, size of RORO skip, and permit charges. These skips maybe sometimes expensive, but some ways will help you to reduce the cost of skips. These ways are:

  • You can order the right size of skip for your project because size is directly related to the price of the skip. 
  • You can book a skip in advance because hiring a skip in a short time can cost you more. 
  • Consider a permit for your skip.
  • You can donate or recycle your waste. In this way, the cost of your rubbish will decrease. In this way, you can use a smaller skip, which will not be costly.


RORO skips are versatile in their work. With their huge size and vast space for trash, RORO skips are popular for industrial site’s waste removal projects. They take care of your huge waste properly.

Industrial & Commercial Waste Management

Industrial and commercial sites yield an enormous amount of waste, so these skips are the perfect choice for all these waste removal projects. RORO skip provides many benefits because they are spacious. They are extra-large in dimensions, so they carry a considerable volume of debris. They help to minimize disruption on industrial sites. In this way, they make all the waste management process effective and efficient.

Domestic Waste Management

RORO skips are also helpful for domestic trash removal projects where the house of your property is large enough to accommodate them. They are also helpful for complete home renovation or multiple home renovations to handle all trash quickly and efficiently. For hiring RORO skips from skip hire companies in less amount, you can compare quote online with our online system. You can ask for a quote from the top skip hire companies in the United Kingdom with your area and can compare them. This process will give you an idea for the skip hire prices. You can also use these quotes to negotiate the price and get a better affordable price.

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