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Skips are the means to keep the environment clean and uncontaminated. They are ultra-level trash bins that tend to organize the waste and unwanted material at a place. And they are the necessity of today as well.

Skip Hire Near Me Skip Hire Moray is a company that helps you hire the standard skips at the most reasonable prices. The skips by Skip Hire Moray are cost-effective, convenient, and popular. To get rid of any waste, excrement, building demolitions, etc., you need Skip, and Skip Hire Moray will provide the right skip for you!

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Our motto is Provision of the best service. We are the name of trust in the UK that you need in near you. Get the top class skip hire services in less possible time. Try us once, and you will come again surely.


Skip Hire is the most efficient way to purge the dump-off, rubbles, and garbage. In Moray, Skip Hire is necessary to remove the bulk waste that produces from various domains. Hence Skip hire Moray as the torchbearer of the cleanliness of the community. 


We provide the top-notch man with a man services, we are a reputable name nationwide providing our services all across the country. You are at the right place to get the best Man with a Van services in competitive price.


Our planet is facing a major climate crisis, and one of the many reasons is the rubbish dumped randomly. We have many issues generated by this kind of debris., we are here to deal with properly. Skips are the best possible solution for the effective management of waste. 


Usually, people order skips according to the waste they produce. From mini skips that are just 2-yard to big 40-yard skip. We make skips as per the needs of the clients. We have a variety of different skip sizes in best prices. 


Mini Skip Hire Moray are trivial skips. They are usually 2 to 3 cubic yards, and they can hold the waste material equal to 20 to 35 bins bags. Mini skips are small so that they can fit at any spot easily. These are for kitchen waste or bathroom dump-off. 


Midi Skip Hire Moray is slightly bigger than the mini skip with a mere four cubic yards. These are large but not large enough as well. They can hold waste of up to 50 black bags. Midi skip is for a small amount of garbage, just as office waste, DIYs, bathroom waste, etc.


Builder Skip hire Moray takes the space equal to the 8-cubic yard. It can hold 90 containers and are a perfect fit for medium-sized commercial projects and large commercial projects. 


Maxi Skip Hire Moray is for industries’ surplus, and it can accommodate 120 black bins. This category has the range of sizes from 12 cubic yard to 18 cubic yard according to your exact need.


RORO skip hire has a range of sizes from 18 yards to 40 yards. It is for large construction projects. Such as stone waste, soil debris, building demolition, etc., you need significant space to install it. 


There are several service providers in Moray. But it is up to you to choose an expensive one or the cheaper one when both provide the same service. Skip Hire Moray offers excellent, quick, always in-time service, and above all, the most reasonable service.

2 Yard Skip

A mini skip is a 2-yard skip. This skip is the most compact skip that can hold only up to 25 bins.

3 Yard Skip

3-yard skip is capable of storing waste equal to 30 to 40 bags. They are for home-based scraps.

4 Yard Skip

4-yard Skip is small projects or small industries. They can have weighed up to 55 black bins.

5 Yard Skip

5-yard Skip can put up to 60 black bins. Domestic DIY waste is suitable for such dust bins.

6 Yard Skip

6-yard skip Moray is a public choice for most of the projects. It is a standard size skip.

8 Yard Skip

8-yard Skip can home weight up to 80 black bags. These are okay for both small and large wastes.

10 Yard Skip

10-yard Skip holds 100 black bins. It is sufficient for home renewal & domestic waste.

12 Yard Skip

12-yard Skip hire Moray with a capacity of 120 black containers is an industrial men's choice.

14 Yard Skip

14-yard Skip hire Moray are almost equal to Builder Skip. They are for large construction projects.

16 Yard Skip

16-yard skips have a large storage capacity for commercial and industrial waste. They can hold 170-180 bins.

18 Yard Skip

18-yard Skip relatively larger than 16-yard. And are used alternatively. They can have 180+ bin bags in them.

20 Yard Skip

20-yard skip, also known as RORO skip, is a big skip. It has accommodate space of 200 black bins.

25 Yard Skip

25-yard skip is big enough to lodge any materialistic waste, such as large construction site wastes. It is equal to 220 bags.

30 Yard Skip

30-yard Skip is a jumbo size skip that can hold any waste. It can accommodate 330 black bins for large industries.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard Skip hire Moray is the largest skip. It can adjust the heavyweight of 440 black containers.

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Brook Huxley
I hired the midi Skip from Skip Hire Near Me. It arrived as per promise. The skip arrived just in time. The team was amicable and placed the skip where I need it to be. Overall, it was an excellent experience.
Very efficient, very friendly, trustworthy and on time. I have a Construction Company, so I need to order the skips from time to time. I ordered the skips from various platforms, but Skip Hire Near Me provides the best service at very cheap rates.