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Mini Skip Hire is available in two different sizes, 2 yard skip and 3 yard skip. Both sizes are open-topped container, widely used all over the UK for discarding the unwanted trash.  Mini skips are the smallest size of skip available in the UK that’s why also known as small skip and ideal for renovation, house clearance or for carrying out small-scale projects. 

2 yard skip can hold up to 20-30 black bin bags. Mostly the size of 2 yard skip available in the UK is 5 ft Length x 4 ft Weight x 3 ft Height. The prices of 2 yard skip vary from area to area and are influenced by many other factors. However, the average price of hiring a 2 yard skip ranges between £126 – £271.

3 yard skip is bigger then 2 yard skip so they are preferred for relatively larger projects. 3 Yard skip can hold 30-40 black bin bags full of waste. An average size of 3 yard skip available in UK is  6 ft length x 4 ft width x 3 ft height . An average price for hiring a 3 yard skip in the UK ranges between £158 – £271.

How Much To Hire a Mini Skip?​

2 yard skip & 3 yard skip also called mini skip or small skip. Both sizes are the smallest skip sizes available in the UK and the average price is between  £126 – £271.

Why Choose Mini Skip Hire?

These skips are commonly used all over the UK for many different domestic and commercial uses. Few of the uses are listed below:


These skip comes in handy when you want to get rid of garden waste like grass, dead leaves, branches, fence or soil. Skip hire collects your garden waste and sends it to recycling sites. 


These skip is convenient for clearing out your unwanted house and garage rubbish due to its compact size. You can easily place it in your garage or driveway. People often hire mini skip on a quarterly or yearly basis to clear out there unwanted clothes equipment or appliances. 


You are left with quite a lot of waste when you began to renovate your house kitchen or washroom. These skip is the best way solution for renovating small household projects.


These skip was initially made to cater only domestic purpose but in recent times they are also widely used for commercial purposes. They are often used as a secondary back up at building sites. Small skip is also used after the project is completed to dispose of the extra garbage from the construction sites. 


Often schools, offices or club host big events or parties. A great amount of waste is produced after the event. Now you can hire these skip after such events and can be stress-free about disposing of the rubbish effectively.


Plasterboards can’t be mixed or thrown with any other type of waste. At times, these skip is hired entirely for getting rid of plasterboards.


Small skip or Mini skips are considered one of the low cost, affordable and economical mode of removing and discarding the waste in the UK. They are small in size therefore it doesn’t cost as much as large skip. Since they are light on the pocket, they are widely used for domestic purposes. 


Skip Hire Near Me all aware of the importance of keeping our environment safe from different types of waste to reduce pollution. All the hire companies make sure that the waste collected is disposed of in the most environment-friendly manner. All the waste collected is bought to recycling sites where they are discarded without causing any harm to the environment. 


The mini skip is convenient in the sense that it requires less space as compared to regular or bigger skip. It is ideal for smaller or restricted working areas. Due to its smaller size, it can be kept near to the working area hence, minimizing the labor required to throw the waste into the bin. Since it is compact in size it can be placed in your property.

Hence, you are not only saved from the hassle of getting the council permit but you also save money in the form of a permit fee. Studying all the facts about mini skip hire we come to the conclusion that there is no better choice for throwing a minimum amount of trash then mini skip hire. 

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