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If you are rebuilding or renovating a property, or you started ripping out a kitchen or bathroom. Then don’t waste your precious time searching for skip hire. Our maxi skip is very helpful for all these purposes. Maxi skips are lagers skips and have more capacity to carry waste than builder skip. These skips are the best choice for all domestic, industrial, and commercial waste removal projects. We offer maxi skips in five different sizes that are 10 yards, 12 yards, 14 yards, 16 yards, and 18 yards skips.


Skip Hire Near Me providing affordable skip hire services in the United Kingdom. Where it comes to its capacities, skip hire near you provides five sizes in maxi skips. Maxi skips are versatile and perform all domestic waste removal projects efficiently. These skips are often hired for large DIY applications. The sizes of maxi skip hire helpful to choose the best suitable skip for you to require tasks. Sizes available in Maxi skip are:

The smallest size available in maxi skips is ten cubic yards skip. In the United Kingdom, these skips are the best skips that are the best solution for waste removal jobs. 10 cubic yard skip is very popular for it’s size. These are also suitable for large industrial waste projects. These skips can handle up to 100-110 black bag bins full of debris. The average price of cheap 10 yard skip is £258 – £363.

The next large size in a maxi skip is 12 cubic yards skip. This size is slightly larger than 10 yards skip. These skips are ideally used in domestic and industrial waste removal applications. Twelve yards of skips are very versatile and can hold numerous amounts of waste. These skips can hold 120-130 black bag bins. The average price of cheap 12 yard skip is £277 – £367.

Fourteen cubic yards skips are more extensive than 12 yards skip and carry more amount of waste than 12 yards skips. Its size makes it more accessible for a different number of jobs, for both industrial and household waste removals. These skips can hold massive amount of waste. These skips can carry almost 140-150 black. The average price of cheap 14 yard skip is £303 – £450.

These skips are popular in construction sites. If you are constructing your new property, don’t worry our 16 cubic yards skip will take all of your trash and remove it instantly. These 16 yards skip very flexible and can perform all waste removal operations, whether they are domestic or industrial. These skips carry up to 170-180 black bag bins. The  average price of cheap 16 yard skip is £316 – £525.

The largest size in a maxi skip is 18 cubic yards. These skips can carry extensively large amounts of waste. That’s why all the builders hire our 18 yards to skip for their construction projects. These skips can hold 190-200 black bag bins. As they are the largest maxi skips, so they are the best choice for large constructional and foundation digging projects. The average price of cheap 18 yard skip is £1045.

How much to hire a Maxi Skip?

Hiring a maxi skip is not a big deal. Still, its prices may vary according to some factors, delivery location, skip size, permit, type of waste, hiring period because these factors influence the cost of any skip. The number of local skip providers also affects the cost of the maxi skip. Maxi skips being larger skips may be expensive because of their sizes and quality. For getting an affordable price for a maxi skip, you can compare quotes online and can get the best maxi skip for your waste removal job.

Why Choose Maxi Skip?

When it comes to the question of why you choose a maxi skip? Maxi skips are very flexible and versatile in their work. They are helpful in all large waste removal tasks, whether the functions are domestic or industrial. They are highly recommended to use for all trash removal applications. They are large and used for heavy-duty of garbage removal. These skips are excellent for numerous amount of waste disposal. Maxi skips are specially designed to handle any waste, whether the debris is heavy or bulky. Maxi skips are also accessible to help people with the number of tasks.

1. Large Scale Garden Cleanup

Maxi skips are famous for handling all waste of extensive gardens. They are accommodating to carry all the trash from your large backyard. You can quickly put all your garden’s waste in it and throw it away immediately.

2. Full Home Renovations

These skips are very convenient for complete home renovations. For the renovation of your house, you can use our 10 yards or 12 yards maxi skip and handle all unwanted waste materials effectively.

3. Multiple Home Renovations

These skips are handy for various home renovation projects that are carried out at the same time. You can handle all renovations easily and speedily with these maxi skips.

4. Demolition Jobs

As demolition sites produce a large amount of waste, our maxi skip is helpful to carry the waste from demolition jobs. Because the demolition project is quite a tedious and complicated job and when it comes to handling the waste, our 14 or 16 yards skip perform well for these projects.

5. Office Renovations

For office renovations or transporting from one office to another, maxi skips do a great job. You can hire our maxi skip size according to your job quantity and grasp all the waste at once.

6. Commercial or Retail Clear Outs

The versatility of Maxi skips allows them to handle all the commercial debris removal projects. Largest maxi skip, 18 yards is helpful to grasp all the commercial and retails waste. These skips quickly clear out the trash from any industrial site. The maxi skip is mostly hired by clients who want to dispose of its numerous amounts of waste. These skips are beneficial to get rid of all the commercial or industrial debris. 

If you have a lot of rubble or soil, these skips can hold all heavy and bulky waste items. You can use maxi skip for all types of heavy and bulky waste but not a hazardous waste because hazardous waste can damage our skips. Skip hire near you offers their maxi skips at very affordable prices. If you want to hire, call us to write a quote online and get your skip on the way.

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