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Do you understand how much threat you confront when it comes to Fly Tipping? Thoroughly study this blog post and know the tips to know what fly-tipping is and how to protect yourself from Fly Tipping. Waste costs have steadily increased in recent years; a straight consequence for the increase in waste cost has been a dramatic rise in Fly Tipping incidents.

Fly Tipping incidents have been growing in inner-city areas for many years, but there is a general misconception that it is usually restricted to rural areas. Do you know how much at risk you are when it comes to fly-tipping? This blog post will discuss how to secure you from fly-tipping and prevent yourself from being the news on the front page.


Fly Tipping Waste Who is Responsible


What is Fly Tipping?

Keep Britain Tidy defines Fly Tipping in very simple words “the unlawful disposal of trash onto the properties which do not have any approval to accept that waste”. This shows that fly-tipped trash can include anything from a single pallet to heavy amounts and volumes of construction debris; if it is disposed of on any unapproved land, no matter how much waste is there, this will be categorized as fly-tipping.

Is Fly Tipping Illegal?

Yes. Fly-Tipping is a criminal and serious offense that could result in receiving a heavy amount of fines of up to £50,000, with a risk of prison sentences if the crime is repeated! You will be at risk of Fly Tipping and responsible for that in the following situations;

  • If your owned land is storing /collecting trash without any approval
  • If the trash is disposed of illegally on the land that you own
  • If you have disposed of your waste on unapproved land
  • If you have disposed of some other person’s trash on the unlicensed property

Fly Tipping Scenarios

Following are some examples from recent fly-tipping incidents that resulted in prosecutions and fines:

Unlicensed Trash Carrier

In this incident, the owner paid a waste carrier, who does not have a carrier license, to dispose of his trash. The waste carrier fly-tipped the waste around the corner instead of disposing of it to an approved land. The owner of the debris was fined over £1,000 for fly-tipping.

The man who received the fine agreed that he was the owner of the waste, and he didn’t check to know if the waste carrier was licensed or not. The court concluded that the corners were cut for waste disposal just to save a couple of pounds and that the waste owner failed to honor his responsibility of care for the waste elimination.

Unlicensed Scrap Ground

In this most recent example of fly-tipping, three men have collectively received a fine of paying £3,500 and got prison sentences suspended for disposing waste on unlicensed land. Instead of disposing of loads of trash to a licensed land, the men who belonged to different firms regarding waste dumped the scrap using the site as their personal dumping ground. It was estimated to have a price of about £100,000 to eliminate all the trash and return the site to its normal state.

How to Circumvent Fly-Tipping

The threat of prosecution may seem dreaded, but assistance is also there to save yourself from the risk of fly-tipping. Some tips are there to avoid fly-tipping and how to effectively reduce the risk of penalties and fines, depending on a few observational scenarios:

Waste, Fly-Tipped on my Land

Don’t panic as the first thing is always first; report to the Environment Agency as soon as possible and ensure that. You need to remember that it is still your responsibility, as it is eliminated on your land even if it is not your waste. Fly-tipping is a severe criminal offense so, it is investigated and treated as a crime. You could assist in resolving the issue of fly-tipping by fully cooperating, possibly enhancing the chances of finding those who are responsible for fly-tipping on your land.

Waste has been Collected by Someone Else

Remember, you are still accountable for the waste even if it has been collected from your site. You will be fined considerable more charges if your trash is not disposed of lawfully, and this can happen just because you are saving your money by selecting a cheap waste accumulation company. So before booking a company for waste accumulation, just confirm that either they have a waste carrier license?

Where is your waste being taken after getting collected from your site? Is the site licensed where it is being taken? It is the obligation of every waste disposal company to show you that your trash is being disposed of legally and responsibly in an environmentally-friendly way. If any company is unable to demonstrate the evidence, then we would suggest using another instead of such a waste collection company.

Clearing the Waste Myself

You may desire to get a more action-oriented approach and your trash elimination. This is good, but you still are required to be very careful. When getting this way, you need to be more cautious and sure that you are taking your waste to a licensed trash facility.

You also need to ensure that you have a waste carriers’ license, depending on what you are going to dispose of. This is necessary because there is something to show when you are disposing of your waste that you are legally able to transport your trash from one place to another licensed land to avoid fly-tipping.

Put a Stop to Fly-Tipping the Waste

We expect that this blog post will help you a little more to quickly understand what fly-tipping is. However, if you need some more information, you can contact us on Skip Hire Near.