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Skip Hire Near Me is a corporation rooted in the UK specialising in cleaning aids to the public and businesses. Its most famous service is the skip hire in County Down. Most of the people trust us due to three main reasons. Firstly, we provide quality skip hire in the UK. Secondly, Skip Hire County Down prices are as low as one can imagine and lastly promptness makes us unique.

We believe in customers a delighting experience that is achieved by our hire hands. Skip Hire Near Me is providing premium and cost-effective skip hire in County Down with dignity. Moreover, the company impresses buyers with effective measures by listening to their complaints and queries to give the consumers a higher satisfaction level. 

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Skip Hire Near Me is popular in giving cleaning services as it always keeps its customers satisfied. We make sure that buyers invariably get what they need from queries to deliveries and picking up waste. Moreover, their punctuality and reasonable skip hire County Down prices are icing on the cake for consumers. 


Skip hire refers to a container, which comes without a lid and sometimes without the top. Its prime purpose is to collect waste and rubbish. Skip Hire Near Me provide County Down skip hire services to residents, construction companies, commercial and manufacturing industries to dispose of their waste. 


Man with a van is a service which is one of the best in County Down. It is usually taken by those who don’t think it is worth to order a skip hire, do not have the permit or do not have space to keep it. Man with a van dumps your trash into the van to get treated.


The skip is rented for some time or long. When the renting time is over, the rubbish truck comes to take the skip back. The truck quickly loads the skip hire on the vehicle and takes the rubbish to get treated. Mostly, the waste is recycled or adequately treated, to consider the environment. 


All Skip sizes are prepared for a range of consumers; therefore, different sizes are available. It starts from 2,3,4 and 5 yards skips. The next measures are 6, 8,10 and 12 yards skips. Then there come the 14,16,18 yards that are mostly for construction. The last sizes are 20,25,30 and 40 yard skips that are primarily for big construction projects or industries. 


As the name suggests, mini skip hire County Down has sizes of 2 and 3 yard skips. Residents and individuals mostly rent these to clean up their houses and offices or renovation. 


Midi skip hire County Down to have sizes of 4 and 5 yard skip hire. As the name clears that these are medium-sized skips. These skips are also used mainly by residents and individuals who have extensive renovation going on or clearing up their garden and effectively dispose of waste. 


6 and 8 yard skips fall under the category of builder skip hire County Down. These sizes are sufficient for private construction projects that are small scale. Mostly, Builders choice is builder skip. That is one of the main reason why these sizes are popular on remote construction sites. 


Maxi skip hire County Down has an extensive range of sizes. It starts from 10 yard and goes up to 18 yards. Big construction companies regularly use these skips for construction or demolition projects where a lot of waste is generated. We provide permits for these skip on customer demand. 


The full form of RORO is roll on, roll off: RORO skip hire County Down. RORO is the perfect sized of skip hire among all. 20,30 and 40 yard skips are present in this category. These skips are for massive construction projects or for industries to put their waste. 


Of the most critical factors to stay in the market is to charge reasonable prices. Hence, our company remains head to head with competition and charges competitive prices and as low as possible. 

2 Yard Skip

2 yard skips are enough to dump 20-30 rubbish bags and they are handy in house cleaning.

3 Yard Skip

These small skips are also useful in seasonal cleaning and can hold 30-40 garbage bags.

4 Yard Skip

These skips are used in renovation times to easily dump household items and fit 40-50 bags easily.

5 Yard Skip

5 yard skips are used in times of extensive garden cleaning or renovation of big houses, and can easily hold 50-60 bags.

6 Yard Skip

These containers can hold 60-70 bags and are utilised in more effective garden cleaning or rebuilding the house.

8 Yard Skip

80-90 bags can fit in this size and these skips can help small construction projects very smartly like domestic projects.

10 Yard Skip

100-110 garbage bags can employ in these skips and these skips are the best for residential construction projects.

12 Yard Skip

They have a capacity of 120-130 bags, and they are beneficial in residential streets for the people living there.

14 Yard Skip

14 yard skips are also ideal for a group of residents living together, and it can fit 140-150 waste bin bags.

16 Yard Skip

16-yard skip for use construction sites, to collect construction waste, with a capacity of 170-180 bags.

18 Yard Skip

These skips can hold 190-200 garbage bags and are ideal for commercial projects.

20 Yard Skip

Colossal construction sites use these skips to dump their waste or debris and hold 200-210 bags.

25 Yard Skip

25 yard RORO skips are especially suitable for enormous construction or demolition sites having capacity up to 275-280 bags.

30 Yard Skip

With a capacity of 330-340 bags, RORO giant skips are ideal at industrial factories to dump industrial waste.

40 Yard Skip

This vast size skip is the biggest skip in skip hire family, and easily hold 440-450 bags of industrial or construction garbage.

Our Happy Clients

I have a construction company and not one day passes by when there aren't large amounts of waste to dispose of. Yes! This is the reason why I have to order an 18 yard skip hire every day.
Ana Lot
I am an employee at a construction company and have noticed the skip hire being delivered and taken away on time every day. I am baffled by the service they offer, with such politeness, timeliness, with reasonable prices.
I needed a 25 yard skip hire when I was raising my client house. Since it was not my first time, I had a couple of questions and all my queries were answered thoroughly again by the representative.