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SkipHireNear.UK offers cheap skip hire prices as compare to other local skip hire companies. All skip sizes are available in all over the UK according to your budget and requirements. 

How Much To Hire A Skip?

We always want to know the product or service price before buying & also like to compare prices but Skip Hire prices may vary according to size and area. mentioned average skip hire prices that will save your money & time at affordable prices.

2 Yard Skip Hire

2 Yard Skip Hire Price

This is smallest skip available in the UK. 2 Yard Skip is very famous because of it’s size. The size is very small that is why 2 yard skip can easily fit in small area’s. This skip use for smallest amount of waste & holds 20-30 black bin bags.  2 Yard Skip average price is £126 – £271 but can be cheaper if you are living outside London but you must have to check the price after entering your area postcode.

3 yard skip hire

3 Yard Skip Hire Price

This one of the smallest and very popular skip in the UK. 3 Yard Skip can hold 30-40 black bin bags. People of UK prefer 3 yard skip to manage their small amount of waste. It can easily adjust any small place because of it’s small size. It can be used for many small type of jobs. 3 Cubic Yard Average price can be £158 – £271 but you to have to check to know the exact price according to your area. 

4 Yard Skip Hire

4 Yard Skip Hire Price

4 cubic yard skip also known as midi skip and best for domestic purpose, kitchen, bathrooms and garden clean-ups. 4 yard skip can easily fit in your area and you don’t require a license for it. The most surprising thing is that the 4 yard skip is bigger than 2 & 3 yard mini skip, can hold approximately 40-50 large black bin bags but the average price can be lower, £176 – £214 as compare to 2 & 3 yard skip. 

5 Yard Skip Hire

5 Yard Skip Cost

5 Yard skip also known as midi skip and really rare in all over the UK. Mostly people prefers 4 yard skip as compare to 5 yard because the size is big as compare to 4 cubic yard and also difficult to manage in the private property. This size of skip can hold approximately 50 – 60 black bin bags and the average price can be £190 – £260.

6 Yard Skip Hire

6 Yard Skip Cost

6 Yard skip also known as builder skip and best choice for builders who require average skip for construction waste. 6 cubic yard skip is all-rounder, can be use for garden clean-ups, washroom and kitchen renovation. This size of skip can hold approximately 60 – 70 large black bin bags and the average price can be £229 – £270.

8 Yard Skip Hire

8 Yard Skip Cost

8 Yard skip also known as Builder Skip, 8 cubic yard skip is the largest builder skip size and suitable for small to medium-sized jobs. You can use this skip for different purposes like kitchen renovation, garden-cleanup, house renovation and much more. 8 cubic yard skip can hold 80-90 large black bin bags and the average price can be £211 – £280.

10 Yard Skip Hire

10 Yard Skip Hire Price

10 yard skip known as Maxi skip and used for various purposes. 10 cubic yard skip is suitable for construction sites, offices, retails and more. You can use for big home renovation, shop fittings, cleanups or even for the sites of building. 10 cubic yard skip can hold approximately 100 – 110 large black bin bags. The average price of 10 yard skip can be £258 – £363.

12 Yard

12 Yard Skip Hire Price

12 Yard Skip also known as maxi skip but the size is bigger than 10 cubic yard skip and the price may differ as well. It is best for industrial and commercial purposes. For the larger projects which include bulky items and construction materials, 12 yard skip size is the best. Its size is approximately 120-130 black bin bags. 12 Cubic Yard average price can be £277 – 367.

14 Yard

14 yard skip is one of the handy skip and used for bulky waste and other uses. The size is great for lighter general waste material such as garage and attic clearances. 14 cubic yard skip varies from commercial waste to commercial rubbish. 14 cubic yard skip can hold approximately 140-150 large black bin bags and the average price can be £303 – £450.

16 Yard

This is best for larger house cleanups, shop fittings, renovations, and bulky construction materials. It is a very popular choice among builders because 16 yard skip can hold huge bulky waste. It is approximately 170-180 black bin bags.

18 Yard

This is one of the maxi skips available in the UK. This is best for a number of different purposes. They can also fit a considerable amount of waste. It can be used for a larger task or the number of small tasks to be done at the same time. It is approximately 190-200 black bin bags.

20 Yard Skip

When a regular skip is not of good size then you can choose a larger roll-on-roll-off skip.. These are very big skips and are famous for the construction work. They can carry bulky amounts like construction waste. Its size is approximately 220-230 black bin bags.

25 Yard Skip

For construction purposes, this is a very popular choice. It has enough space for disposing of large industrial waste amounts which include rubble, metal, timber and even the garden waste. Its size is approximately 270-280 black bin bags. 

30 Yard Skip

This is very large skip hire. If you want a considerable amount of waste containers like bulky waste, larger clearance for the garden or house renovations. It has an approximate size of 300-310 black bin bags.

40 Yard Skip

This is the biggest size available for the roll-on-roll skips. If you have a large amount of waste to be thrown away then it is a perfect size. For both domestic and commercial purposes, this is a good choice. It can be used for garden waste, light good, metal timber, and even heavy waste. Its size is approximately 440-450 black bag bins.


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Skips are famous in the UK because there are is a range of sizes available for them. Having every size of skip means that one can do both bigger and even DIYs jobs from them. We provide you all sizes of skips ranging from 2-yard to 40-yard skip.


It is a name fixed for the smallest skip size available. Mini skips come in two sizes: 2-yard skips and 3-yard skips. It is suitable for a small amount of waste or when your small space for placing it. One can do both domestic and commercial works using this skip hire. Domestic clients who need to do a small job for their home use it. They are an affordable option for waste removal as well also sustainable. They are also environmental friendly because of their high rates of recycling.


Midi skips are of small sizes. They are basically used for domestic purposes.They are very famous for the kitchen and washroom fittings. For garden clean-ups, these midi skips are also used. They are of such a good size as anyone can use them for the small DIY’s job. 4 Yard Skip & 5 Yard Skip are Midi Skips.


These are used for large commercial and industrial works. Like in the construction a builder skip is used. These skips can hold large amounts of wastes. A large number of bins can easily fit in these skips. Huge volumes of disposal are produced during construction work which needs large skips. 6 Yard Skip & 8 Yard Skip are Builder Skips.


Maxi skips come in different sizes. One can do multiple jobs. It varies from small house jobs to large construction work. Washroom fittings, kitchen, and other works are also done through these skips. A lot of black bin bags are fitted in maxi skips. 10 Yard Skip, 12 Yard Skip, 14 Yard Skip, 16 Yard Skip & 18 Yard Skip are Maxi Skips.

5 - Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) Skip

There are a lot of different sizes available for roll-on-roll-off skips. Every roll-off-skips have a different purpose. Mostly during a construction process, large amounts of waste are produced which can easily fit in these skips. Large tasks can be easily carried with these large skips or a number of small tasks are also done using them. 20 Yard Skip, 25 Yard Skip, 30 Yard Skip, 35 Yard Skip & 40 Yard Skips are Roll-On Roll-Off Skips.


Mostly open skips are available in the UK which results in unwanted waste in your cart and items get stolen during the process. As you are fully responsible for all the stuff and waste in the skip so it is very important only a few items are allowed to be thrown in the skips. Lockable skips are the best solution to this problem. This will allow the skip to be locked and only wanted waste to be added in the skip. In this way, unwanted waste is not added in your skip. These skips are used for both domestic and commercial purposes.


These skip sizes are for the moderate to average size job. One can do multiple jobs at a time from these nationwide skips. It is a very affordable and sustainable way of disposing-off the small or large piles of wastes. It is a very popular choice for builders. These nationwide skips are very handy.



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