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Skip Hire Prices List 2023

Skip Hire is the best and most affordable method to dispose off the unwanted waste. Skip hire prices may differ due to lot's of factors includes; size, hire period, location, permit and type of waste. Small tasks require small skip sizes while larger tasks require big skip sizes and the price vary according to the size and requirements. Below is a list of average skip hire prices according to size.

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2 yard & 3 yard skips also known as mini skips. These skips are the smallest size skips, suitable for a small amount of waste and require small space for placing it. Both skip sizes can be use for domestic and commercial use.

Domestic clients can use these mini skip to perform small tasks for their home & garden. These sizes are affordable for waste removal and also environmental friendly. Average mini skip price will be between £126 to £271.

Midi skips are the best choice to remove garage, garden, kitchen and bathroom fitting rubbish. 4 yard and 5 yard skips falls in the midi skip category that can handles the average amount of waste material. Midi skip prices are more reasonable and cheap as compare to mini skips. The average cost of midi skip will be between £176 to £250.

Builder skips are very popular and most running skip in the UK. Builder skips have two different sizes in which are 6 yard skip and 8 yard skip. Both skips are famous to remove unnecessary waste during or after building renovation and also preferred for commercial and domestic projects. Builder skips average prices will be £229 to £280 that is affordable according to the waste material that can handle easily.

Maxi skips are the large size skips, used for big projects to remove bulky and heavy waste items without any tourble. Maxi skips have different sizes in which include 10 yard, 12 yard, 14 yard, 16 yard and 18 yard skips. You can choose the any of them according to your need & budget. These skips are heavy and big as compare to mini, midi and builder skip. If you don’t have enough space in your property, you must have to get skip permit from local council to reserve space for these skips. Maxi skips average price will be between £258 to £525.

Roll-on Roll-off skips are also called RORO skips. These skips are the largest size skips in the UK and have different sizes in which include 20 yard, 25 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard skips. All these skips are the huge size of skips and also can order these sizes in lockable form that will help you to keep safe the waste or unnecessary items that would like to dispose off. RORO skip prices may differ accroding to your area, waste and permit. You can request a quote or custom offer for these skip sizes.


Skip Hire Near Me have updated all the skips average prices and skip sizes that will help you to make an idea before selecting a skip but the prices may differ according to your area, size, waste, time duration and the skip permit. We will suggest you to enter your post code to know the final price of each skip & get £20 discount instantly on all skip sizes and prices.

This is smallest skip available in the UK. 2 Yard Skip is very famous because of it’s size. The size is very small that is why 2 yard skip can easily fit in small area’s. This skip use for smallest amount of waste & holds 20-30 black bin bags.  2 Yard Skip average price is £126 – £271 but can be cheaper if you are living outside London but you must have to check the price after entering your area postcode for final price.

This one of the smallest and very popular skip in the UK. 3 Yard Skip can hold 30-40 black bin bags. People of UK prefer 3 yard skip to manage their small amount of waste. It can easily adjust any small place because of it’s small size. It can be used for many small type of jobs. 3 Cubic yard average price can be £158 – £271 but you to have to check to know the exact price according to your area. 

4 cubic yard skip is best choice for domestic purpose, kitchen, bathrooms and garden clean-ups. 4 yard skip can easily fit in your area and you don’t require a skip permit for it. The most surprising thing is that the 4 yard skip is bigger than 2 & 3 yard mini skip, can hold approximately 40-50 large black bin bags but the average price can be lower, £176 – £214 as compare to 2 & 3 yard skip. 

5 Yard skip also known as midi skip and really rare in all over the UK. Most of the people prefers 4 yard skip as compare to 5 yard because this skip size is big as compare to 4 cubic yard and also difficult to manage in the private property. 5 yard skip size can hold approximately 50 – 60 black bin bags and the average price will be between £190 – £260.

6 Yard skip falls in the category of builder skip and the best choice for builders who require average skip for construction waste. 6 cubic yard skip is all-rounder, can be use for garden clean-ups, washroom and kitchen renovation as well. This size of skip can hold approximately 60-70 large black bin bags and the approximate price can be £229 – £270.

8 cubic yard skip is the largest builder skip size and suitable for small to medium-sized jobs. You can use this skip for different purposes like kitchen renovation, garden-cleanup, house renovation and much more. 8 cubic yard skip can hold 80-90 large black bin bags and the average price can be £211- £280 approximately.

10 yard skip known as Maxi skip and used for various purposes. 10 cubic yard skip is suitable for construction sites, offices, retails and more. You can use for big home renovation, shop fittings, cleanups or even for the sites of building. 10 cubic yard skip can hold approximately 100-110 large black bin bags. The average price of 10 yard skip can be £258 –£363.

12 Yard Skip also known as maxi skip but the size is bigger than 10 cubic yard skip and the price may differ as well. It is best for industrial and commercial purposes. For the larger projects which include bulky items and construction materials, 12 yard skip size is the best. Its size is approximately 120-130 black bin bags. 12 Cubic Yard skip average price can be £277 -367.

14 yard skip is one of the handy skip and used for bulky waste and construction sites. The size is great for lighter general waste material such as garage and attic clearances. 14 cubic yard skip is helpful to manage and dispose off the commercial waste or commercial rubbish. This skip can hold approximately 140-150  black bin bags and the average price can be £303-£450.

This is best for larger house cleanups, shop fittings, renovations, and bulky construction materials. It is a very popular choice among builders because 16 yard skip can hold huge bulky waste. The skip can hold approximately 170-180 black bin bags and the approximate price will be £316 – £525. 

18 yard skip is the best choice for a number of different purposes. It can be use for a larger task or the number of small tasks can be done at the same time. 18 yard skip can hold approximately 190-200 black bin bags and the average price will be £340 – £550.

When a regular skip is not enough for huge waste then you can choose RORO skip. 20 yard skip is very big and famous for the construction work that can carry bulk amount of construction waste & the size can contain approximately 220-230 black bin bags. You can request a quote for this size of skip.

For construction purposes, this is a very popular choice. It has enough space for disposing of large industrial waste amounts which include rubble, metal, timber and even the garden waste. Its size is approximately 270-280 black bin bags & the price may differ according to your waste material.

This is very large skip hire. If you want a considerable amount of waste containers like bulky waste, larger clearance for the garden or house renovations. It has an approximate size of 300-310 black bin bags that is enough to handle any kind of waste at a time. Request custom offer for 30 yard skip size.

This is the biggest size available in the UK. If you have a large amount of waste to be thrown away then it is a perfect size. It can be used for garden waste, light good, metal timber, and even heavy waste and the size can contain approximately 440-450 black bag bins. Request custom offer for this skip size.

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