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Get £20 Discount on Builder Skip Hire Prices and Sizes.

6 yards skip is ideal for medium-sized waste removal tasks such as clearing of bathrooms, kitchens, rooms, and gardens. These are also helpful for house renovations. Six yards of skips are widely used in garages, roofs, and lofts for disposal of waste. Six yards builder skips can carry almost 60-70. The average price of cheap 6 yard skip is £229 – £270.

These are also very famous for domestic as well as commercial waste removal projects. These skips are widely hired by builders who want to clear-out their industrial sites. Builder Skip is very popular among the builders of the United Kingdom. These skips can carry approximately 80-90 black bins. The average price of cheap 8 yard skip is £211 – £280.


Skip Hire Near Me offering builder skip hire services in the UK. Builder skips are suitable for heavy and bulky waste materials to remove them from your property. Builder skips are larger skips that are mostly hired by builders in the United Kingdom. Builder skips are more significant than the midi skips, and hence they carry more amount of waste than midi skips. Builder skips come in different sizes, such as six cubic yards and eight cubic yards. These sizes of skips allow you to select the best skip size for your waste management projects. 

6 Yard Skip: 6 Yard Skip Six yards builder skip size is trendy for domestic garbage removal tasks. These skips are frequently hired by the people who want to clear the waste from your house effectively. The 6 yards builder skips are perfectly equipped to handle many applications that produce an average amount of trash. These are very popular for domestic waste management jobs. Our 6 yards builders skips are mostly hired for frequent maintenance and household clear-outs projects. 

8 Yard Skip: The largest builder skip is eight cubic yards skip.  Industrial clients appoint these all across the UK.  These skips can hold a massive amount of waste and dispose of the trash efficiently.  The 8 yards skips are entirely made for commercial projects where a massive amount of waste it produces. Our 8 yards skips are quite large, which makes them perfect for a considerable amount of waste removal projects. 


Builder skips are of two sizes, 6 yards skips and 8 yards skips. Skip hire companies in the UK provide these two sizes in the builder skips. These sizes are perfect for performing a heavy-duty of trash removal in the UK. These sizes of builder skips can handle all the waste amount of constructional waste and domestic waste easily. We offer our skips for all large scale waste removal applications at a very affordable price. Our professional and skilled team is available for our clients to put the garbage in the skip and transfer it to the waste management system.

How Much to Hire a Builders Skip?

Hiring a perfect skip for your trash removal job is a quite intimidating task. Where it comes to its prices, it’s a very tough task to select an ideal skip. But the amount of builder skip directly depends on its size. Whether you need 6 yards to skip or 8 yards skip. The cost of both skips is different from each other. There are some other factors on which the value of skip hire depends, such as the area of skip delivery, size of the skip, hiring period of a skip. Builder skips can be expensive, but you can reduce their cost price by following some ways. You can select the right size of skip that is suitable for your waste removal task. Also, you can compare quotes to get the best affordable price of your required skip.

Why Choose Builders Skip?

Contractors mostly hire builder skips. Builder skips are specially designed for the immense waste removal applications and to get rid of unnecessary items from your property. Builder skips are very versatile and perform their work cost-effectively. They are large enough to manage all your commercial site’s waste and small enough to be accommodated in a private place. These skips are designed to carry the more substantial and bulkier amount of junk from large areas. These skips are also used for other waste removal jobs such as for domestic tasks like:

1. Home Redesign Clearance

These skips are very popular among the people of the United Kingdom because they can perform all household and industrial waste removals tasks. Our builder, skips, allows you to manage your waste correctly and effectively. Builder skips remove your debris from your home quickly and effectively in just no time.

2. Large Domestic Refurbishments

These skips also used for domestic refurbishments. As refurbishments produce a significant amount of waste, so builder skips easily carry all the debris.

3. Different Home Renovations

If your home is not small enough and you are planning for the renovation of your home, builder skips will help you a lot to handle the debris. The six cubic yards skips also carry your waste of small home renovations.

4. Large Scale Lawn Clearance

For the clearance of large scale lawn or large garden waste removal tasks, builder skips help you out for this job. They carry all debris at once and throw it away.

5. Common Maintenance

These skips are also used for common maintenance of your homes, kitchen, or offices. Builder skip hire provides excellent services to our clients for the best waste removal tasks.

6. Storage or Shed Clearance

In the UK, people use these skips for their large waste removal projects and storage or shed clearance. For garage clearance, our builder skips find their uses and provide comfort to our customers.

7. Larger DIY Projects

The builder skips are helpful in large DIY projects. Builder skips are also very helpful in large capacity waste removals.

8. Multiple Constructional Projects

They also use builder skips for domestic as well as commercial waste management applications. These skips can be used for different waste removal and waste management applications, wherever you want to remove your waste builder skips will help you out quickly.

9. General Landscaping

Skip hire is the best way to get rid of the waste of any type, builder skips used for general landscaping, and dispose of all the trash quickly. Also, they can be used for wall replacements and digging foundations.

10. Business Waste Management

Builder skips are an excellent choice for all business waste management and workplace clear-outs. They are called builder skips because they are widely used in buildings waste removals works and large scale waste removal applications. They are also the most eco-friendly manner of getting rid of plaster forums and bulky items from demo projects. You can put all the materials like furniture, bricks, and other non-hazardous materials in the builder skip. But you cannot put hazardous materials like asbestos, chemicals, plasterboard, etc.

Builder skip hire provides you all the facilities about hiring a skip in your local areas. We offer the delivery on your exact location and same day pickup service. The standard hiring period for builder skip in 7 days, but it can be increased on your requirements. You can compare quotes online for the best price of your skip. Our active crew is available for our customers 24/7 and provides them full assistance. If you want builder skip hire, call us, and your builder skip will be on your location in no time.