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8 yard skip is a standard size and useful to discharge waste from gardens, kitchens, construction purposes, construction sites, demolishing, etc. Hiring the correct size of the skip, for discarding unwanted waste can be very tricky for you especially if it’s your very first time. A wide range of sizes from 2 yard skip to 40 yard skip is available all over the UK. 


An average size of mostly available 8 skip yard in UK is 12ft length X 6ft width X 4.5ft height. It can hold up to 75-80 black bin bags. It can hold maximum of 8 tones of weight.

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A 8 yard skip is vastly popular in builders community due to its ideal size. It can be easily placed in most locations as its not too big. At the same time, it holds a sufficient amount of waste. A six cubic yard skip holds about 60-70 black bin bags. They are ideal for refurbishment and renovation projects at houses and offices and garden clearance.


Hiring price any size of skip hire near me depends on many factors like location, size, cost of the permit, etc. If you opt for a smaller size, the cost will be less and vice versa. However, the average price of eight cubic yard skip in the UK ranges between £130 to £200.


Eight cubic yard skip is one of the most desirable sizes among builders which yields a moderate amount of waste. Eight cubic yard builder skip is the popular choice of builders as it is the largest skip available for heavy and bulky items like soil, rubble, and wood. It is also widely used for garden and house clearance, which have a considerable amount of waste. 


Cheap 8 yard skip is the most efficient way of getting rid of unwanted waste all over the UK. Eight cubic yard skip holds a substantial amount of waste so it is ideal for medium size construction companies. It is also preferred for the domestic purpose like house and garden renovation or clearance.


Most frequent questions and answers

8-yard skip is popular due to its ideal size. It is not too big so it can be easily placed on your property. At the same time it is suitable to hold considerable amount of waste. The size of 8-yard skip is 366cm X 170cm X 122cm.

Price of hiring 8-yard skip depends on the following factors:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Cost of permit
  • Hiring period

However, you will find 8 yard skip between £130 to £200 in the UK.

The prices of 8-yard skip are influenced by many factors out of which the most important factor is size. The larger the size, the more money you have to pay. In the United Kingdom, the average price of 8-yard skip is between £130 to £ 200.

A permit is required from the council if you wish to place the skip yard on council owned lands such as roads or sidewalks. Your skip hire company mostly arranges the permit on your behalf as an additional service. The cost of the permit depends upon the duration, size, and location ranging between £20 to £60 pounds a week. There is no need to permit if you wish to place the skip yard on your property.

The standard hiring period for all sizes of skip yard is usually 14 days, which can be extended by paying extra amount depending on your requirement. The lesser the hiring period, the lower will be the cost of the rent. So it is advisable to estimate the hiring period accurately beforehand to ensure minimization of cost.

Usually skip yard is deliver to you within 24-48 hours of placing the order depending on the availability. Make sure to give specified instructions where to place the skip yard in case you are not present at the time of delivery. Yard skip is mostly delivered on large 7.5 ton HGV lorries so make sure your street or road is wide enough otherwise notify your skip yard company beforehand so the alternate measure can be taken.

Generally, all kinds of waste are allowed in skip yard but there are few things, which are prohibited by most of the companies. If one is found discarding these items in the skip, it can lead to extra charges or fine so it is better to check beforehand the terms and conditions of the hiring company.

  • Tire
  • Oil or paint
  • Electrical appliances
  • Gas cylinders
  • Raw meat
  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Fridge/freezers

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