25 Yard Skip Hire


25 yard skip is one of the popular roll-on roll-of (RORO) skip for big projects because these mega projects yield a large amount of waste. For any project whether big or small, a considerable amount of waste is discharged. Throwing away the rubbish effectively can be a difficult task. By hiring the yard skip from Skip Hire Near Me, you can easily discard all your unwanted waste conveniently and easily. If you have an ample amount of waste to discard, the gigantic 25-yard roll on and roll off is the best choice. A large amount of waste is discharged at the construction sites; therefore they need bigger skips.



25 cubic yard skip is one of the largest size of roll-on roll-off (RORO) skips that is available in the United Kingdom. They are ideal for industrial or commercial and any type of big projects, which yield a massive amount of waste. Since it has the capacity to hold a large amount of waste it is commonly used for carrying out large- scale projects at building sites.


Twenty-five yard skip can hold up to 220+ black bin bags and measures 20feet long x 8feet wide x 5feet high (6.10meter x 2.44meter x 1.52meter).

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The gigantic twenty-five yards skip is a popular choice of construction companies as it can hold a huge amount of waste. It is suitable for discarding heavy and bulky items like timber, wood, garden waste, metals, and plastic. 25 cubic yard skip is also often hired for shop fittings, renovation and refurbishment projects and house or office clearance.


25 cubic yard skip is huge size so it requires a special truck to load the skip and thus it is expensive than the smaller sizes. An average cost of hiring the gigantic 25- yard roll-on roll-off in the UK is £320.


The cost of hiring any size of skip is influenced by many factors including the hiring period, location, local competitors, permit fees (if you are placing the skip on public area) and size. Roll- on and Roll-Off skip is not provided by every company hence it is expensive than the smaller size. Normally it cost from £320.

25 YARD Roll-on Roll Off SKIP HIRE

The Roll-on and Roll-off is a huge skip with the rear door opening that allows convenient disposable of waste. The RORO skips are ideal for large- scale projects, which yield a large amount of bulky waste. In the UK there are five types of RORO skip. 25 yard skip is smaller then 30 yard skip, 35 yard skip, 40 yard skip and larger then 20 yard skip. RORO skips prove to very beneficial at construction sites where a gigantic amount of rubbish is generated.


Skip Hire Near Me offers Cheap skips all over the country so cater your needs of discarding the unwanted waste. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions for throwing waste in an eco-friendly manner. Cheap skip hire is not only light on the pocket but it is also a convenient and hassle-free mode of discharging waste.


Most frequent questions and answers

25-yard skip is huge in size and can hold up to 220+ black bin bags. It measures 20ft long X 8ft wide X 5ft high. Since it can hold a massive amount of waste, it is most popular for commercial, industrial and other mega projects.

25-yard skip is big in size and it is delivered to you on the special truck hence it is comparatively expensive than smaller sizes. Normally, a 25-yard skip cost from £320.

Prices of 25-yard skip depend on many factors including hiring period, location, permits (if you are not placing skip on your property), etc. keeping in mind all the factors, the average cost of hiring the 25-yard skip is £320.

A permit issued by the local council is required if you are hiring the 25 cubic yard skip. Usually, your skip provider companies obtain the permit on your behalf by charging the minimum amount. The permit usually cost between £15 to £60 depending on the size you opt for.

Generally, skip yard is rented for a period of 7 to 14 days but you can always alter the time period according to your desire and requirement. An additional cost will occur if you hire the skip for longer then a committed period of time.

Usually, skip hire companies delivers the yard skip between 7 am to 5:30 pm on working days. A skip is delivered to you normally after 24-48 hours of placing the order. Gigantic 25-yard skip is delivered on large 7.5 ton HGV lorries which are wider than the regular car so make sure the street, gate or road is wide enough to fit the lorry at the designated place.

Few items are prohibited in the 25-yard roll on and roll off skip. It is always advisable to check what waste can be discarded. Throwing the items, which are not allowed, may result in additional fines or charges, which will increase your skip hire cost. Usually, these things are not allowed by most of the skip hire companies:

  • Electrical items
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Oil and paints
  • Chemicals
  • Mattresses
  • Hazardous waste

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