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20 yard skip near me


20 yard skip also known as roll on roll off skip and that is popular on large construction and industrial sites, which produce a massive amount of rubbish. Skip are considered one of the most convenient and budget-friendly mean of discarding unwanted waste. When carrying out any project, whether a small or big, commercial or domestic project, a great amount of waste is generated. Hiring a skip is a hassle-free mode, as you don’t have to worry about discarding the rubbish because skip hire near me will provides you cheap skip hire at your place. The skip is delivered at your place and is picked up when filled and a new skip is placed instead. A twenty yard skip is an ideal choice for projects that yield a large amount of waste.

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A twenty yard skip is perfect for projects, which produce a gigantic amount of waste. Since it is huge, they are the popular choice of construction companies. Industrial’s and builders prefer them as it can hold a massive amount of waste which smaller skips can’t hold. Twenty yard skip has a unique shape and it requires a special loading truck, as it doesn’t fit on regular skips due to its huge size.


A 20-yard skip is very big and can hold a gigantic amount of waste. The dimension of typical 20-yard skip is 20ft long X 8ft wide X 4ft high. It can hold about 200+ black bin bags.

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The largest skip available in the UK is roll on-roll off skips. 20 yard skip is the smallest size of roll on-roll off skip. They are ideal for bulky and heavy waste like rubble, concrete and bricks, stones, etc. It is used mostly used at industrial and construction sites, which yield a great amount of waste.


20-yard roll on-roll off skips is huge and can hold a substantial amount of waste. Many factors determine the price of the skip including location, size, the period you want to hire the skip for and competition in the market. The average price of hiring the 20 yard skip is £300.

20 cubic yard skip

Since 20 yard skip is huge, it cost more than smaller skips. To keep the cost low and budget-friendly most companies recycle the waste collected. Recycling not only helps in cost-cutting but also environment-friendly. Many companies use a combination of recycling, landfill, and incineration to minimize the hiring cost.

20 yard roll on roll off skip

The Roll-on Roll-off skips are popular for those jobs that yield a massive amount of waste that are not suitable for other normal regular skips that is why Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) is the best choice to hold a huge amount of waste. There are 5 types of Roll-on Roll-off skips, 20 yard skip, 25 yard skip, 30 yard skip, 35 yard skip, 40 yard skip. Roll-on Roll-off skip is the best for industrial and commercial that produce huge amounts of waste. Roll-on Roll-off has a unique and different shape as compare to other regular skips that is why for Roll-on Roll-off skip a specialist loading truck require.


Skips are the cheapest and quickest mode of getting rid of unwanted waste. If you want to discard a massive amount of waste at an affordable price, a cheap skip can be used. It is the responsibility of each of us to discard the waste without harming the environment. Cheap skip hire assures the effective discharge of waste.


Most frequent questions and answers

Twenty yard skip is gigantic and mostly used at industrial sites, which yield a large amount of waste. It is the smallest of Roll On and Roll Off skip available in the UK. The dimension of typical twenty yard skip is 20ft long X 8ft wide X 4ft high.

The cost of 20 cubic yard skip is affected by the number of factors including location, size, competition in the market, hiring period if you hire the skip for longer period rent will be high so it is better to estimate the hiring period accurately before ordering any size of the skip. Normally a twenty cubic yard skips cost is £300 in the UK.

Prices of the 20-yard skip vary greatly all over the UK as it depends on the many factors as it is influenced by various elements. 20-yard skip can be found all over the UK at the cost is £300.

Everyone is required to acquire the permit if the skip is placed on the council-owned land or premises. Mostly your skip hire provider company arranges the permit for you as an additional service. The permit is not required if you place the skip on your property.

Normally, the hiring period offered by most of the companies in the UK is 7 to 14 days, which can be increased or decreased according to your requirements. The lesser the hiring period, the lower will be the cost of the skip. it is always wise to calculate the hiring period beforehand accurately to ensure minimal rent of the skip.

  • Normally, skip is delivered at your place within 24-48hours after placing the order. 20-yard skip is huge, so it’s advisable to give specified instructions where to place the skip in case you are not present at the time of delivery. Skip will be collected when the skip is full and disposed of in an environment friendly procedure and manner.

There are a few hazardous items, which are not allowed in the skip. Few of these items are listed below:

  • Electrical items
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Oil and paints
  • Chemicals
  • Mattresses
  • Hazardous waste

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