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2 yard skip is the smallest skip also known as mini skip. 2 yard skip average price is between £60 to £100 but may differ according to your location. If you are ordering skip in London, price may rise £25 to £40. 2 cubic yard skip is Ideal for getting rid of a small amount of trash and designed for many smaller tasks. After a 2 yard mini skip, every skip is being designed for another purpose and its size increases. We have registered different companies nearest to your location that will help you to choose the best skip hire prices according to your budget and requirements.

Two cubic yard skip used for very basic purposes. For a small household cleanup or garden renovations, one can use it. This is so small and handy that everyone at your home can easily use it. These 2-yard skips are for domestic use but we also use them on request for the business and builders. This is the smallest skip available and can fit in tight places like gateways or small car parking. 2-yard is the smallest size available and there is not any small size than it.


Approx. Dimensions= 5 ft Length x 4 ft Weight x 3 ft Height (1.52m x 1.22m x 0.91m). Two Cubic Yard Skip contains 20 to 30 black bin bags and 9 wheelbarrows can fit in them. So if you are planning to do your weekly household cleanups or any other small DIY’s then trust me this is a perfect size. Many customers order these mini skips in larger quantities as these are handy and even ladies can use it easily. It’s small and handy which makes it unique for its work.

2 Yard Skip Average Price

The prices of skip usually depend on the size, time duration and area. 2 yard skip is the smallest size available in the UK around £60 to £100. The cost is very less and instead of using your energies in finding the alternatives it is a perfect size and cheap price for you.

Mini Skip Sizes

For smaller rubbish removal problems two-yard skip is a perfect solution. 2 cubic yard also known as mini skip because small amounts of wastes are easily eliminated by it. This is the favorite choice for small household projects like garden cleanups, washroom fittings, and small household wastes. Mini skips are good as you can use them easily and they can fit in a restricted space. 3 yard skip also known as mini skip but the size is greater then 2 yard skip.


Many companies don’t offer their skip services as mentioned by them. But this is not a case with us. We do what we say. A very reasonable and economic method is being followed and adopted by us. Moreover, we are a registered company and in this case, you don’t need a permit for placing these skips for like a longer period of time. Otherwise many companies are not registered and when you place your skip for like more than 3 days authorities come and try to seize it. Seizing causes more difficult as you have to pay fine. This fine is not as small as the authorities charge high when you don’t follow rules.

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Most frequent questions and answers

2 yard mini skip dimensions; 5 ft length x 4 ft weight x 3 ft height (1.52m x 1.22m x 0.91m). 2 Cubic yard skip contains 20 to 30 black bin bags.

2 cubic yard skip price is between £60 to £100 which depends on factors like hiring period, area and others. Normal hiring period is 7 to 14 days.

2 yard skip is the smallest skip, known as the mini skip. 2 yard skip can hold 25 to 35 black bin bags of rubbish that is enough to perform small tasks.

For the private property, there is no permit required for placing the 2-yard skip but in case of public property, you will have to take the permission. So, see the place where you are placing it otherwise in case of fine we will not be responsible. These charges are not refunded. A proper method of permit is given in which the model name, number and company name should be written.

It is basically for 14 days or two weeks. If you need more time then changes are being made and extra charges are also taken in the matter. Moreover, charges are only implemented on you and you will be responsible for them. We will take no responsibility.

It’s always on time. In between the working hours of 8 am 6 30 PM. You don’t need to be there. You can be there to make sure things are placed at the right location.

7. Prohibited Materials

Things that can damage the skip are not allowed in it. Some of them are:

1. Asbestos

2. TV, Computer Monitors

3. Mattresses

4. Freezers

5. Electricals

6. Gas Cylinders

7. Cans of Paints

8. Fuels

9. Solvents

10. Plaster Boards

11. Medical Waste

The company doesn’t allow throwing oils, chemicals, and other stuff in the skip due to some reasons.



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