2 Yard Skip Hire Near Services

2 Yard skip is the part of Mini Skip and usually used for domestic affairs and small projects. Garden and home are the big parts of one’s life and if someone has the plan to clean both of them; thus, 2 cubic Yards Skip is the best option to keep away the waste material or trash.

This skip is perfect for its role and even feeble people can handle it easily and place it wherever they want. If there is a bit capacity in the house and private place, this skip can be placed there; otherwise, it can be put on a public spot. The council permit is required to hold the skip on roads and anywhere else; if not, it will be considered an unlawful act and the individual will be liable for fine.

Why Choose Us?

So, if you are thinking that this skip is appropriate for home cleanliness or any other required application and is seeking help to get at liberty from the futile items, then you can trust on us. It's not right to say that we are top-notch but we try our best to satisfy our clients

2 Yard Skip Hire

The domestic Yard skip is beneficial as compared to other skips in the case of prices. Plus, it holds the general quantity of trash. The common price of this skip is £126 – £271. However, it depends on the area; skip’s keeping period and skip license. For example, northern England prices are dissimilar from the south and if one doesn’t need to skip license, the rate will be different. For this reason, prices will be lower than the mentioned one.

No matter how much the garbage is, this container tackles the average debris because its size is suitable (5 ft Length x 3.5 ft Width,4 ft Height); that is why it carries 20 to 30 black bin bags that are enough for household objects. Plus, this container is the smallest skip so its prices are reasonable in contrast to others. It is unique in multiple other jobs like plenty of people use it for extra tasks, for instance, office use and a little piece of business.

Our Client Reviews

I'm a famous construction manager in the city. Disposing of a small and large amount of waste is my everyday routine. 2 yard skip have made my life 10 times easier and saved a considerable amount of my precious time.
Kelvin Black
From London
Skip Hire Near Limited is one of the most affordable, reliable and best company for providing skip services in all over the UK. I will recommend others & rate them 10/10. Just hire them and you will have no problem.
Zasha Swan
From Birmingham

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2 Yards skip normally puts a stay with small jobs like

Domestic Affairs

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Home refreshment
  • The small size renovation

Organic Affairs

  • Wood
  • Garden clearance (leaves, branches and grass, etc.)

The primary role of this holder is to keep the waste material of the kitchen, bathroom and garden, yet various people who consider this bin suitable for other purposes and call it for these pieces of work.

The substantial content is not an issue because the skip is carried by the vehicle. Though, one should be aware of having the balance in the container. The overloaded skip is officially prohibited; therefore, it's a matter of regard and one should avoid doing this.


The mentioned price of the skip normally permits someone to keep the container for two weeks. While it is up to a client if someone needs to increase the duration of the container for further use, he may hold it. In this case, the rent of the skip will be figured according to it and the license needs to be re-established. 

There is no issue to mesh the trash in the same skip if it has sufficient room to cover it. The hazardous material mustn't be placed with non-hazardous stuff because it can be dangerous. So everyone should be careful about this matter and if you have further questions concerning the mixture of waste, ask from the support team that will guide you on every point.

As the Mini holder doesn't require much space, many people put it down on private land. If anyone doesn't have enough personal land to place it and has the need for public land, then the council's permission is compulsory. In this way, the individual is allowed to locate the bin on roads and wherever it's required. Moreover, if someone puts the bin on a public place without the Permit, he/she has to pay the fine.

There is no difference in skip period of placing it on public land as one can place the skip for 7-14 days. The period can be increased but the client has to renew the license for the completion of the task. To put the canister after the terminated duration without the Permit can bring you in trouble and maybe you will have to face the fine.

Although 2 Yards Skip is sufficient to get at liberty from unwanted garbage of home and garden like wood, plastic and ruble, there are plenty of articles that should be avoided to lay down in the skip because they would become the cause of any type of displeasing incident, for instance

  • Chemicals
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Electrical items
  • Paint
  • Hazardous things
  • Mattresses

As it is the vital point to remove undesired things from home as soon as possible and nobody wants to have dried branches and leaves in the garden. We provide the skip in near to the instructions of the client. In this way, we don't receive any complaints from the customer's side and the user gets the holder in the desired timeframe. 

There is not much trash in the homes and as it requires only small mini-projects so this small caddy accommodates the items close to it. This canister holds 25 to 30 black bin Bags and the capacity of two tons of waste. One must be alert about the level of load in the skip and put trash in accordance to a fixed extent.

No doubt, this skip is cheapest to hire but we are still proving the discounts for this bin that are £20. It makes the people ask for the skip without the tensions of rates.

This holder belongs to the class of Mini Skip, which is why it's applied for the smallest tasks. The majority of people look for it for household matters but some others use it for some special jobs for which they think it can give them a hand.

To load the skip with stability is very important. Overfilling is not only awkward but also legally banned. An individual has to face the music if the skip is overrunning. Also, it expresses how much you follow the law. In need to pack more items, one can claim for other sizes of skip.