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18 yard skip is the ideal option if you have a substantial amount of waste to discard. They are gigantic so it can hold a huge amount of waste. Whenever you decide to carry out any project whether small or big, a considerable amount of waste is generated. You will need a skip whether you are renovating home or office, clearing the garden or throwing away old furniture so in this case eighteen yard skip is suitable. Skip Hire Near Me provides you the most affordable, convenient and hassle-free option to get rid of all your unwanted waste.



18 yard maxi skip is the largest maxi skip size available in the UK. It is used mostly at industrial and commercial sites, which produces a considerable amount of waste. Eighteen cubic yard skip is ideal for carrying out large-scale tasks at commercial sites. eighteen cubic yard skip is smaller then 20 yard skip (RORO Skip) and larger as compare to 16 yard skip. Eighteen yard skip is also used for domestic purposes such as full house renovation, refurbishment projects or huge garden clearance. Eighteen cubic yard skip can hold 195+ black bags.


The dimensions of an this maxi skip mostly found all over the UK are 13.5ft (4.11m) Long x 6.5ft (1.98m) Wide x 7ft (2.13m) High.

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This skip is the popular choice of many industrialists and builders as it can hold a massive amount of waste. It is suitable for discarding bulky and heavy material generated at construction sites. A huge amount of waste can fit into this maxi skip as it has high sides. However, it must be kept in mind that this skip is not suitable for soil and rubble.


The hiring cost of this maxi skip is influenced by many factors including your location, hiring period, a number of local skip providers, cost of a permit, etc. the longer you keep the skip, the higher will be the rent of the skip. However, the average hiring cost of the this skip in the UK is £280.


According to the size,After this Maxi skip there are four types of maxi skips available in the United Kingdom such as 10 yard skip, 12 yard skip, 14 yard skip and 16 yard skip. Eighteen cubic yard skip is the largest maxi skip as compare to the other four maxi skips. Eighteen yard skip can hold a large amount of waste.


Skip hire is the cheapest and quickest mean of removing unwanted waste in the UK. If you want to discard a massive amount of waste at a cheaper price, Skip Hire Near Me provides the solution of this problem through cheap skip hire services. You can dispose your rubbish at cheapest price.


Most frequent questions and answers

18- yard skip is gigantic and it can hold a massive amount of waste. The average size of 18-yard skip offers by most of the companies in the UK is 13.5ft long X 6.5ft wide X 7ft high. It can hold up to 195 black bin bags.

The maxi 18-yard skip is mostly used for industrial large size project. Its cost is influenced by many factors out of which most important is the hiring period. If you keep the skip for a longer duration, the cost will be higher. You will find an 18-yard skip in £280 all over the UK.

Prices of the 18-yard skip vary greatly all over the UK as it depends on the many factors. If you hire the skip for a longer duration, the cost will be higher so it’s always advisable to calculate the duration beforehand. An average cost of 18-yard skip is £280 in the UK.

You will require a permit if you wish to place the skip on council-owned land. The permit is usually arranged by your skip hire company to minimize your hassle. The cost of the permit depends upon the duration, size, and location.

Usually, the hiring period offered by most of the companies in the UK is 7 to 14 days but it can be increased or decrease depending on your requirements. The lesser the hiring period, the minimum will be the rent so it is advisable to calculate the hiring period accurately beforehand.

Mostly skip is delivered at your place within 24-48 hours after placing the order depending on the availability. Since 18-yard skip is huge make sure to give specified instruction where to place the skip. Once the skip is filled it will be picked up and dispose of in an environment-friendly manner.

Listed below are few items, which are not allowed in the skip due to its hazardous effects. Violation of the law may result in additional costs or fines.

  • Raw meat
  • Gas cylinders
  • Batteries
  • Tire
  • Chemicals
  • Electric items
  • Oil/paint

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