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16 yard skip is one of the famous maxi skips in the UK. There are five types of maxi skips according to size. Whenever you start any kind of project out of many other things you also have to worry about how to discard the waste properly and timely. For this problem, Skip Hire Near Me provides it’s a solution by offering cheap skip hire services. You can get rid of your waste effectively if you opt for yard skip. Many builders and constructor choice is sixteen cubic yard skip as it can hold massive amounts of waste.



One of the most popular skips used in the UK is sixteen yard skip. It is enormous in size hence, suitable for carrying large projects at building sites. It is used for industrial and commercial purposes where gigantic waste is produced. A 16-yard maxi skip is an ideal option for large projects as smaller skips cant fulfill the needs of such gigantic projects.



16-yard skip is an enormous size that’s why it is often called “maxi Skip”. It can hold up to 170+ black bin bags. The dimension of sixteen yard skip is 13.5ft long X 6ft wide X 6ft high.

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A 16-yard skip is mostly used for clearing out a massive amount of weight. They are popular at commercial and industrial sites as they have a heavy and massive amount of weight to clear out which won’t fit in the smaller skips. They are also used for domestic purposes such as house and garden renovation.

16-yard skip is suitable for bulky weight however it is not recommended only for hardcore items like soil, concrete or earth as it overloads the truck which takes the waste to the recycling sites.

16 yard skip price

The hiring price of any size of a skip in the UK varies from a different area to an area. The prices are influenced by many factors like the number of skip yard provider companies in your area, size, location, etc. the average cost of hiring a sixteen cubic yard skip is £240 in the UK.


Maxi skips sizes start from 10 yard skip and end at 18 yard skip. Sixteen cubic yard skip is larger then 14 yard skip. Maxi skip has the capacity to hold a huge amount of waste, therefore they are mostly used for commercial and industrial purpose. Maxi skip is used for discarding heavy and bulky material. It is also used domestically for renovation and clearance projects.


Cheap 16-yard skip hire is the most low-cost service provided by companies. It helps you stay in your budget while discarding the material effectively. It is light on the pocket as most of the waste material is recycled.  People all over the UK opt for cheap skip hire for discarding their unwanted garbage.


Most frequent questions and answers

16-yard maxi skip is very large in size. It can hold a gigantic amount of waste. It can hold up to 170+ black bin bags. The size of sixteen cubic yard skip mostly found in the UK is 13.5ft long X 6ft wide X 6ft high.

Prices of 16-yard skip vary all over the UK. One of the most important factors that influence the price is size. Therefore it is very important to determine the correct size according to your needs. The larger the size, the higher will be the price of yard skip. However, the average price of a sixteen cubic yard skip in the UK is £240.

16-cubic yard skip is an enormous size of skip available in the market of the UK. The price of hiring 16 yard maxi skip is £240.  Yet, it must be kept in mind that a price varies depending on the location, size, issuance of a permit and hire period.

You will require a permit issued by council if you intend to place your skip on council-owned land like roads or. Usually skip hire provider arrange the permits from the local council for you. The price for a permit depends upon the council of your area and the period it will be needed for. If you wish to place the skip hire on your land or property, there is no need to get the permit. 

The standard hiring period for all sizes of skip yard is about 14 days but you can extend the period by paying the additional cost.

Usually, skip hire companies to deliver the yard skip between 7 am to 5:30 pm on working days. 16-yard skip is huge size so make sure to give specified instruction where you wish to place the skip, in case you are not present at the time of delivery.  Yard skip s are mostly delivered on large 7.5 ton HGV lorries which are wider than the regular car so make sure the street, gate or road is wide enough to fit the lorry at the designated place.

Few items are prohibited in the skip yard. It is always advisable to check what waste can be discarded. Throwing the items, which are not allowed, may result in additional fines or charges, which will increase your skip hire cost. Usually, these things are not allowed by most of the skip hire companies:

  • Electrical items
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Oil and paints
  • Chemicals
  • Mattresses
  • Hazardous waste
  • Raw meat

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