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10 Yard skip is a smallest variety of maxi skip. 10 Yard Skip is a versatile choice for large amount of waste but still the 10 cubic yard skip small enough for domestic applications. 10 Yard Skip also known as Maxi Skip. Skip Hire Near Me offers skip hire in different sizes like 2 yard skip, 4 yard skip, 6 yard skip, 10 yard skip and up to 40 yard skip for removal of rubbish. It is the convenient choice for disposing of various types of waste such as plastic and metal, domestic waste, commercial waste, furniture, kitchen, and garden and also includes organic waste. Because a safe and secure place will be that place, which will be clean and clear.


An average size of six yard skip is 10ft long x 5ft wide x 4ft high. Yard skip comes in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions to fulfill your requirements. You will find 2 yard skip to 40 yard skip in the market. You can also choose from open or closed skips. Now the question is how to choose the right size from this vast range of sizes. The most popular and commonly used size is six cubic yard skip. This size is equally beneficial for domestic and building sites, which have an average amount of waste. We are offering unbeatable best skip hire prices that are reasonable after comparing all the other companies prices.

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The reason to choose 10 yard skip is that it is most appropriate in size. The benefit of choosing it that it occupies less space than the larger one. It is suitable as it saves much more time, money and time that would be inevitable to get ride waste. It has the ability to hold almost garbage of 100 bags bin in the very effective and easiest way.


The price of 10 yard skip depends on its quality. The main reason for the high cost of skip hire is the cost of disposing of waste. Large skip has more space to carry more waste so it has high cost than the smaller one. It can vary according to the geographical location of that area.


10 Cubic Yard Skip is a smallest type of maxi skip, ten yard skip is ideal if you have a big house and garden or if you are rebuilding a property, renovating or landscaping. 10 cubic yard skip can be use in a small area but it can hold large amount of waste. Ten Cubic Yard Skip can hold 100 bins.


Skip Hire Near Me provides cheap skips according to your requirements at affordable price. By using ten cubic yard skip you can throw large amount of wastage at cheap price and you can place 10 yard skip on small place.


Most frequent questions and answers

10 yard skip is one of the smallest maxi skip and ten yard skip came in the variety of maxi skip. It is suitable for a large amount of domestic waste. As compare to builder skip the ten cubic yard skip is larger. ten yard skip is ideal and suitable on a small scale. This skip has the ability to hold almost 100 black bin bags capacity to carry the waste. Its capacity is 10 cubic yards (7.65 cubic meters), height 4’ 11” (1.5m) and length is 12’ 3” (3.73m).

The hire cost of skip is depending upon the size of skip hire. Different yards of skips have different costs and prices. Smaller yard skip will have the least cost and larger ones have a high cost. 10 yard skip price starts from £180.

Any skip you to. It will be hired in your personal place. Then it will be kept in a public place. By law skip license or skip permit is required.Skip hire permit is issued from the local council. The permit is very compulsory because, in case of checking, it is checked by police security. If 2-3 skip on the road they may affect the traffic flow and impact on parking because skip takes up more space then the cars, buses, etc. Skip permits typically last for a small duration of almost 1-2 weeks. Permit cost is varying. The average cost is £30.

Hire period of skip is depending upon the requirements of customer. You can hire the skip of any size according to your demand. The maximum duration of a skip permit is twenty-eight days, If you are placing the skip on public area. If our customer is willing to hire skip for a long period of time for construction work or for any other transported material, so he has to apply for renewal the permit of the skip. Extra charges will be implemented on you in that case. After hiring the skip for a long duration, it will be implemented only on you, you will not be able to stop the orders of delivery for sake of extra charges.

Delivery will be on time. And it will be delivered during the working hours. There is a proper sequence of a method, how to hire the skip? First, you have to enter his postcode and after this, you have to select the size of skip you are going to hire. Every skip has a different hiring package according to its size and the second thing is that the location of the hiding place.

In this case, you have to call us on our contact center, we will guide you related to cost and price of hiring skip on the basis of your area location and skip size you will demand. At the delivery time, our one partner will come along to deliver skip at the time and date according to your’s favor. And at the collection time, the faculty is responsible to collect skip from you according to the given time and date agreed with you at that time you feel comfortable.

Customer is not allowed to hold all type of material in skip hire. And he will have to follow all rules and regulations that will be given from authority. List of some type of common items that are not allowed to put it in skip are as following:

  • Asbestos
  • TVs and computer monitors
  • Plasterboard
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Solvents
  • Gas cylinders
  • Medical waste
  • Electrical appliances and equipment
  • Cans and paints
  • Sand and soil
  • Concrete
  • Oils and liquids
  • Hazardous materials

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