Skip Hire Near Me offers cheap skip hire prices, low skip cost. We offer every size of skip for rubbish removal, waste clearance or grab hire. will help you to choose the best skip according to your requirements. It will save your time and money as well.











We provide cheap skip hires for all the different uses. We offer from the cheap to expensive ones for every purpose. If you are looking for any cheap skips then do contact us. Unlike other companies, we don’t charge too much for the services. We are a reliable skip hires providers for waste removal solutions around the UK. We offer different sizes for all our customers which help complete their job easily. Choose the smallest size possible if you want a cheap skip hire. We cover the whole of the UK.


Hire Skip Anywhere, Anytime!


It is a name fixed for the smallest skip size available. Mini skips come in two sizes: 2-yard skips and 3-yard skips. It is suitable for a small amount of waste or when your small space for placing it. One can do both domestic and commercial works using this skip hire. Domestic clients who need to do a small job for their home use it. They are an affordable option for waste removal as well also sustainable. They are also environmental friendly because of their high rates of recycling. These skips hold 25 black bin bags and 35 black bin bags respectively.


There are a lot of different sizes available for roll-on-roll-off skips. Every roll-off-skips have a different purpose. Mostly during a construction process, large amounts of waste are produced which can easily fit in these skips. 18-yard skip is the largest Roll-on-roll-off skip available. Large tasks can be easily carried with these large skips or a number of small tasks are also done using them. A very large number of black bin baskets can fit in them especially e.g. 195 for the 18-yard skip hire. You can find out more about the RORO skips easily on our website. We deal best in these RORO skips.


Mostly open skips are available in the UK which results in unwanted waste in your cart and items get stolen during the process. As you are fully responsible for all the stuff and waste in the skip so it is very important only a few items are allowed to be thrown in the skips. Lockable skips are the best solution to this problem. This will allow the skip to be locked and only wanted waste to be added in the skip. In this way, unwanted waste is not added in your skip. These skips are used for both domestic and commercial purposes. registered thousands of Skip Hire companies that will help you to find the nearest service provider, we will help you to find the right choice according to your requirements and budget.



Skips are famous in the UK because there are is a range of sizes available for them. Having every size of skip means that one can do both bigger and even DIY’s jobs from them. We provide you all sizes of skips ranging from 2-yard to 40-yard skip rolls.

4 yard skip

4 Yard Skip Hire

4 yard skip is best for domestic purposes. 4 yard skip is best for kitchen, bathrooms and garden clean-ups this skip is best. They easily fit in your area and you don’t require a license for it. Its size is approximately 45 black bin bags.

6 yard skip

6 Yard Skip Hire

6 yard skip is the best choice for builders who require large skips for construction wastes. This skip is known as an all-rounder. It is best for garden clean-ups and for large houses. 6 Yard skip size is approximately 65 black bin bags .

8 yard skip

8 Yard Skip Hire

8 yard skip is a very suitable for different purposes. Builders use it for small to medium-sized jobs. Mostly used for washroom and kitchen renovations, Garden-cleanups are also done by it. Can carry approximately 80 black bin bags.

10 yard skip

10 Yard Skip Hire

This is used for a number of functions. One can use it for home renovations, garden cleanups or even for the sites of building. Shop fittings and cleanups for the company. 10 yard skip size is approximately 100 Black Bin Bags.

12 yard skip

12 Yard Skip Hire

12 yard skip is best for industrial and commercial purposes. For the larger projects which include bulky items and construction materials, this size is best. Its size is approximately 120 black bin bags that is enough to fulfill your needs without hesitation.

14 yard skip

14 Yard Skip Hire

It is used for bulky waste and other uses. For different needs, ample space is provided by this yard. It varies from commercial waste to commercial rubbish. It is used for domestic cleanups and renovations. It is approximately 145 Black Bin Bags.

16 Yard Skip Hire

16 Yard Skip Hire

16 yard skip is best for larger house cleanups, shop fittings, renovations, and bulky construction materials. 16 yard skip is a very popular choice among builders. 16 yard skip can contain approximately 170 black bin bags .

18 Yard Skip Hire

18 Yard Skip Hire

This is one of the largest roll-on-roll skips available. This is best for a number of different purposes. It can be used for a larger task or the number of small tasks to be done at the same time. 18 yard skip can contain approximately 195 black bin bags.

20 Yard Skip Hire

20 Yard Skip Hire

When a regular skip is not of good size then you can choose a larger roll-on-roll-off skip. Its size is approximate of 20 yards. These are very big skips and are famous for the construction work. They can carry bulky amounts like construction waste. Its size is approximately 220 black bin bags.

25 Yard Skip Hire

25 Yard Skip Hire

25 yard skip is suitable for construction purposes, this is a very popular choice. It has enough space for disposing of large industrial waste amounts which include rubble, metal, timber and even the garden waste. Its size is approximately 275 black bin bags. 

30 Yard Skip Hire

30 Yard Skip Hire

30 yard skip is a very suitable skip for different purposes. Specially Builders use it from small to medium-sized jobs. For washroom and kitchen renovations this is a perfect size. Garden-cleanups are also done by it. Approximately can contain 380 Black Bin Bags.

40 Yard Skip Hire

40 Yard Skip Hire

This is the most biggest size available for the roll-on-roll off skips. If you have a large amount of waste to be thrown away then it is a perfect size. For both domestic and commercial purposes, this is a good choice. It can be used for garden waste, light good, metal timber, and even heavy waste. Its size is approximately 440 black bag bins.


Skip Hire Prices

For disposing-off the unwanted waste skip hire is the best and the most affordable method. There are a lot of factors that determine the skip hire cost and the cost guide will run you through the cost process. Size, hire duration, location and also that if you require a skip hiring permit or not. Size is the main factor in determining the price of the skip. Recycling is a very important part and is done through this skip hire. It also depends on your budget and the task you are going to perform. Small tasks require small skip hire while larger tasks require big skips.

Skip Hire Cost

The amount of waste each skip can carry determines the cost of it. The waste in the skip is disposed of by each company. It can be through a different process. Recycling, landfill or incineration are used for it. Sometimes combination of all three techniques are used. Recycling is a very important part which keep the price low and rates adequate. 80% of the waste collected is recycled.

Midi Skips

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Maxi Skips

Maxi skips come in different sizes. They vary from 8-yard to 16-yard skip hire. One can do multiple jobs. It varies from small house jobs to large construction work. Washroom fittings, kitchen, and other works are also done through these skips. A lot of black bin bags are fitted in maxi skips.

Nationwide Skip Hire

These skip sizes are for the moderate to average size job. One can do multiple jobs at a time from these nationwide skips. It is a very affordable and sustainable way of disposing-off the small or large piles of wastes. It is a very popular choice for builders. These nationwide skips are very handy.

Builder Skips

These are used for large commercial and industrial works. Like in the construction a builder skip is used. They are mostly of 30-40 yards. These skips can hold large amounts of wastes. A large number of bins can easily fit in these skips. Huge volumes of disposal are produced during construction work which needs large skips.



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