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Are you looking local skip hire near me services? Our cheap skip hire prices can challenge other skip hire companies prices and also will help you to find the best possible rates that will save your money and time. It’s time to choose your own skip size according to your budget & requirements.

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How Much To Hire Skip Near Me?

Skip Hire Near Me offers unbeatable skip hire prices all over the UK. No doubt, the prices are determined by different factors, including skip period, size, skip permit and one’s area but you’ll find a suitable rate at the platform of Skip Hire Near. We offer every size of skip for rubbish removal, junk removal, waste clearance or grab hire. We will help you to choose the best skip size according to your budget and requirements. It will save your time and money as well. The following is the skip hire prices guide that will help you out to get the basic idea of skip hire cost.

Normally you can hire a skip for 14 days approximately. If you will increase the time period, the charges will increase as per the period of time. 

Skip prices may differ according to the skip size. 2 Yard skip is the smallest and cheapest as compare to the 40 Yard skip that is the biggest and most expensive because of the big size and capacity.

The skip prices are different in every spot. For example, if you hire the 6 Yard whose general prices are in between £229 – £270, you will find the change in prices for this size of skip in every city of the UK. For getting the exact outlay of the area, compare skip hire prices.

If you don’t have space to place a skip in your premises, you have to get skip permit from local council.

2 Yard Skip £126 - £271
3 Yard Skip £158 - £271
4 Yard Skip £176 - £214
6 Yard Skip £229 - £270
8 Yard Skip £211 - £280
10 Yard Skip £258 - £364
12 Yard Skip £277 - £367
14 Yard Skip £303 - £450
16 Yard Skip £316 - £525

Get £20 Discount on All Skip Sizes

Skips have different sizes, dimensions, and shapes according to the job requirements. We have mentioned all the skip hire near me sizes to choose your own skip Instantly.

Skip Hire Near

Mini skip is suitable for small tasks that can easily carry from one place to the other with minimum effort.

Mini skip comes in two different sizes in which are 2 yard skip and 3 yard skip that can hold small amount of waste to remove it very quickly. 2 or 3 yard skip sizes are suitable for waste removal, rubbish removal or grab hire.

Mini skips are flexible for carrying trash of any type. As these are small-sized skips, so you can place them in your homes in any corner, where you can put your daily domestic and after that, you can remove it very quickly.

Mini skips are also very helpful for the trash removal of your rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. These skips are very helpful for many purposes.​

Midi skips are middle-sized. As showing by their name, they are middle-sized, so these sizes are in between small and large size skips.

These skips are the most popular skips for household trash removal and come in two different sizes includes 4 yard skip and 5 yard skip.

As these skips are more substantial than mini skips, these skips can remove a moderate amount of waste from your house. 4 & 5 yard skips can also carry your garden’s waste.

These skip considered to be eco-friendly and best trash removal in the UK. is the best platform to compare midi skip hire prices and sizes.

Builder skips are very popular skips for construction sites. These skips are large skips, comes in different sizes like 6 yard skip and 8 yard skip.

These skips can hold a large amount of waste. These skips are heavy-duty skips commonly used for the removal of a considerable amount of waste.

These skips can be used for different purposes like both domestic and commercial uses that’s why they are called builder skips. 6 yards and 8 yards skips are mostly used for various renovation projects.

The multi-faced sizes of these skips make them an ideal choice for many waste removal projects.

Maxi skips are lager skips than builder skips. These skips are made for many waste removal projects. These skips come in different sizes like 10 yard skip12 yard skip14 yard skip16 yard skip and 18 yard skip.

Maxi skips are made for the customers to get rid of a large amount of waste. These skips are helpful in numerous applications. These skips are also used for heavy and bulky items of waste.

These skips are ideal in waste removal of the building of destructing purposes. Compare the maxi skip hire prices and get £20 discount on all skip hire sizes.

RORO skips also called Roll-On & Roll-Off skips. The RORO skips are the largest skips available throughout UK. These skips are enormous, as we can say that these are huge skips used to remove a tremendous amount of waste.

RORO skips comes in different sizes like 20 yard skip25 yard skip30 yard skip and 40 yard skip. These skips are most famous for different jobs of a vast amount of unwanted items.

Roll-on & Roll-off skips mostly hired by the clients who want to get rid of the massive amount of waste from their construction areas in UK. Compare RORO skip prices and choose the best skip size as per your budget.

Lockable skips are a new type of skips. These skips are very beneficial in different tasks. In UK these skips allows the customers to save their waste from unwanted items to be thrown into their hired skips.

These skips enable the trash to become safe and store it for different jobs like recycling the waste. These skips secure the garbage and do not let the other waste materials to be mixed in it. To allow the customers to protect their waste items and trash from getting stolen these are the only skips in UK.

Customers can put their waste materials in these lockable skips and save it for their different uses.

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Excellent service as always. Thank you for keeping the work under this painful situation (COVID-19). Good Luck!
Adam Winkler 14 Yard Skip Review
Jack William
All the trash was removed on time. Mr. Micheal was a nice guy to talk to... Thank you so much for guiding me all the way.
ALEX 8 Yard Skip
Received the skip without delay and it was collected at the given time. No complaint at all. Thanks for the delivery!
Asbar Ali
Business Manager
Would like to refer this service to friends and family. One of the best steps of this service is to provide a record of recycled waste.
Arslan Farooq
Arslan Farooq
Managing Director

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Yes, you can hire a skip for one day, if one needs it for a short period. Even can expand the duration of the holder's placement if the user claims for it.

The Skip Permit is mandatory that one gets from the local council for setting the receptacle down on public property like roads and pavements. To place the holder without the license is illegal and one has to pay the fine due to this act. So the best option is to keep the canister on the personal spot if you don't want to get the permit.

A few rules are here that inform you how to put the skip down:

  • One should place a clipboard or the flat solid piece of anything before placing the canister on a soft driveaway because the holder can damage it.
  • The skip must be brightly painted if you are going to place the skip on the road so that the driver can note it.
  • It should be kept at the side of the road in order to avoid the disturbance in the traffic.

It is a criminal charge to arrange the skip without the permit. However, Skip Hire furnishes clients with Load & Wait Service through which our team waits for the skip loading and as it is filled, the staff collect it and go for recycling the unwanted stuff.

Every skip is exceptional for its benefits, while there are some articles that are prohibited to throw in the skip like

-           Paint

-           Electrical items

-           Gas Cylinder

-           Medical Waste

-           Petrol

-           Diesel

-           Batteries

-           Freezers/Fridge

-           Plasterboard

-           Asbestos

-           Tyres

-           Fluorescent Tubes

The formal period of keeping the skip is 7 to 14 days. However, you can increase the period with an extra amount.

We recycle all the trash by following the rules of the Environmental Agency and don't let the waste to the landfill. In addition, we provide a report on the recycling of waste material to clients.

We recycle all the trash by following the rules of the Environmental Agency and don't let the waste to the landfill. In addition, we provide a report on the recycling of waste material to clients.

We can mingle items in the mixed waste skip like the canister for household projects. The material that can't easily dispose of, we use Insert Waste Skip for it, such as the construction sides.

We can mingle items in the mixed waste skip like the canister for household projects. The material that can't easily dispose of, we use Insert Waste Skip for it, such as the construction sides.

You can put the soil in the skip that is not dangerous. The hazardous soil is prohibited from keeping in the skip.